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    Since no one has seemed to notice...and since I know some people have wanted such a decision since the launch of the CDMA iPhone, I thought I would post this....letting the jailbroken CDMA iPhone users know...and hopefully give some feedback.

    Ya know how a GSM iPhone has the ability to switch from 3G to Edge/2G? And ya know how a CDMA iPhone only has the ability to stay on 3G and switch to 2G "only" when the 3G signal isn't strong enough?

    Well I have now discovered that like a GSM iPhone, you can switch between the 2 available networks freely....choosing whether your phone stays connected to 3G (EVDO) or 2G (1xrtt).

    This can be done with the latest IntelliScreenX.

    This could always be done on a GSM iPhone via SBSettings, or the settings app (but I think iOS 5 got rid of that toggle for GSM iPhones, but could still do it via a jailbreak tweak)

    Why would one want to do this?

    I have never had a GSM iPhone so I cannot confirm, but I'm pretty sure it is desired to switch from 3G to 2G because it saves battery life on a GSM iPhone, but offers slightly slower data speeds.

    My point in this post is to let CDMA IPhone users know and give some feedback in whether or not there is any benefit to staying connected to 2G on a CDMA iPhone like ther is with a GSM iPhone

    Since my 2G (1xrtt) signal is so horrible in my area I feel I am unable to fully test wether stating forced on 2G will save battery life.

    I am hoping to get some feedback from CDMA iPhone users that have ISX installed to let me know what there results are when staying forced on 2G/1xrtt. So what do ya think?
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    2012-02-09 11:04 PM
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    How is this done in ISX?
    2012-04-12 11:37 AM
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    Dude I am not paying ten bucks just so I can toggle between 1XRTT/ EVDO.
    2012-04-25 03:37 PM
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    Dude I am not paying ten bucks just so I can toggle between 1XRTT/ EVDO.
    Okay. Then don't. I personally don't think it worth 10 frikkin dollars either.....but damn does staying on 1x save the sh** out of battery life. Sucks ISX is the "only" way a CDMA iPhone can do it.

    However the point of the post to was to see what other users battery usage was staying forced to 1x.....not for people to five me ther opinions on how ISX isn't worth what it costs.

    Tho this post is useless to me now, as I have confirmed that staying connected on CDMA's 1xrtt does in fact save me a lot on battery. very nice for when you are going to be away from home or a a while.
    2012-04-25 05:48 PM