1. theetechkid's Avatar
    Today i tried to download the WeeTrackData app from the bigboss repo after seeing some articles about it and naturally i went to cydia to install the application. Upon searching the app i noticed that the details for the screen came as shown below.

    Weirdest Cydia Error I have ever seen...-img_4920.png

    No details showed up at all, but i didnt think anything of just believed it to be a random glitch/issue. So i proceeded to install. Weirdly i was not prompted to pay for the application (this is a paid app) instead i received this screen (come to find out its the same for every app even the ones i tried to delete or upgrade).

    Weirdest Cydia Error I have ever seen...-img_2863.png

    Not the weirdest part...and again I did not think anything of this. I then proceeded to install and during the install I only received this..

    Weirdest Cydia Error I have ever seen...-img_5433.pngWeirdest Cydia Error I have ever seen...-img_1095.png

    d is all that would show up. I tried to delete apps, upgrade, and download, but it would not do anything it would only show "d" no errors...nothing. The progress bar does not move at all. I have tried finding a forum with any issue similar to mine but i have come up empty handed. I wanted to know if anyone has seen this before and if there is a fix besides doing a restore-rejailbreak (even though thats what ill eventually probably have to do).
    2012-02-11 07:57 AM
  2. DivXBoy's Avatar
    Same issue on my iPad 2... Reinstalling Cydia does not solve it...
    2012-02-12 05:17 PM
  3. theetechkid's Avatar
    Same issue on my iPad 2... Reinstalling Cydia does not solve it...
    Did you just delete cydia and reinstall it or did you rejailbreak?
    2012-02-13 01:42 PM
  4. brittag's Avatar
    That seems to be a similar problem as the one in this thread - try following those instructions from saurik.

    Also, what version of iOS are you guys using?
    2012-02-18 05:27 AM