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    I'm looking for iPad2 themes. But I'm having some difficulties finding some. i SAW dreamboard..but wasn't sure if it works on & iPad as it does my iPhone. I think they should make a separate section for iPad2 themes just so we don't get confused with the one's that don't work on them.
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    2012-02-11 09:23 AM
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    On the main page of Cydia there is a section for themes, go to that, then iPad themes. Check out all those, there aren't many more, if any, themes for the iPad that aren't there. Most of the newer themes or themes that have been updated in the past year are iPad 2 compatible, but if you don't know it it is and it doesn't say just download it, as long as its a winter board theme it'll be ok if it's not made for the iPad 2. The only thing that'll happen if it's not for the iPad 2 is some of the icons that aren't on the original iPad won't be themed. As for dreamboard themes, I don't mess with those, so I don't know if it could mess your iPad up if it was made for the original iPad, but I don't believe it will. Also, check out the Theme It App, its kind of like Cydia but only for themes you got to add their repo to download the app though, check out the website and it'll have the repo on it somewhere. Www.themeitapp.com
    2012-02-13 08:37 AM