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    Edit: I made a Video For better understanding on my YouTube here

    Hi guys, got a bit of a problem Themeing SBSettings HD on iOS 5 5.0.1

    What it is the way I'm designing the SBSettings BackgroundImage1Row BackgroundImage2Row & BackgroundImage3Row
    I want 1 row and 2 row to act like the 3 row image using the same dimentions @ 640x960
    But SBSettings Thinks that 1 row image and 2 row image are using there default dimentions and shrinking my images to there default size BackgroundImage1Row @ 640x574 and BackgroundImage2Row 640x750

    I want all 3 images to use 640x960 without shrinking 1 row and 2 row
    Can this be done?

    Sorry I'm not a coder and can't code I'm just a Graphics designer.

    Thanks in advanced, will help me out a real lot if this can be done.
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