1. PandaBerry's Avatar
    I've been trying to update a theme I started back when I had an iPhone 3GS. Recently, though I got a 4S and jail-broke it. I've been searching and searching everywhere for over a week now on guides and tutorias to help me create a complete theme (lock screen, slider, nav bar, battery, UI sounds, dialer, SMS screens, etc.) I've even tried creating one through DreamBoard but I don't know any coding and the little tutorials I found on the subject gave me headaches.

    So far, I've gotten stuck on all fronts. Even downloading so-called "complete" themes from Cydia leave me disappointed, as some wont change everything, and I noticed they are not made for iOS 5, or 4S phones.
    Any help is needed. Even if you know of a theme that is fully functional for 4S, then great! I'll use it as a template but please... PLEASE HELP!

    I've been trying to make a Johto Pokedex theme and i'm really just... at my wits ends ;_;
    2012-02-16 01:27 AM
  2. anig's Avatar
    sorry to hear all that hope you find the answers, wish I could help u but I know nothing.
    2012-02-16 05:21 AM