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    Free -
    Some themers, as of late, have released free themes.
    I'm sure i speak for many of us, whether "regulars" or just "visitors" to this forum, when i say, it's greatly appreciated. The thought, detail and effort infused into your themes is easily recognized for what it is. To release such quality work to the masses for free is selfless.
    Your work is an example of what this community is supposed to be about.
    To those that contribute to said themes by sharing weather mods, lockscreens, calendar mods, and the many variations of springboard mods that exist, aid in enhancing the themes' value. Essentially, making the theme priceless.
    It's been my experience that many themes released as free serve the community best.
    There are some that are first time iphone owners whom become first time jailbreakers. They seek to customize their phones by theming their springboards because they've heard or seen what an iphone can look like outside of the dreary stock look. So, they'd rather put something on their phone for free just to "try something out and see what it looks like". Free themes afford them the oppurtunity to do so. Which in turn leads them down the path we have all followed, which is to seek the "perfect" theme for our phone. Something that makes our phones stand out amongst the rest.
    Whether free themes are created by first time themers or more experienced they have something in common...they're free. And are sought after more and more.

    Donations -

    Let's start with the definition of the word donation.
    Donation - To present as a gift to a fund or cause.

    Question, why are themers asking for "donations" but setting a price to what the amount of the donation should be? This method of hustling is transparent. But many seem to have fallen for the okie doke.
    There are some themers that state "i'm not asking for anything (meaning money) but if you appreciate or like my work enough and would like to donate, you can click on the following link. Thanks". That is how someone should ask for donations. And stay true to the game.
    For those that state something to the effect of, "theme just released! Donate $2.99 for this theme. Theme includes...." and generally what the theme includes is the same exact thing every other theme includes means throwing the word "donation" around is just a marketing pitch.
    In addition, themers ask for donations for you to be include on a beta team. Why pay to be on a beta team? You can't wait for the release of the theme? Ok. You pay to get first dibs on a theme. You want to "pay" to be on a "beta" team? Fine. That's your perogative.
    When someone puts out a theme that has donation written al over it, i may "buy" it if it has enough appeal. If it seems to me the themer has put time and effort into the theme which will show through his/her work. I'll "purchase" the theme to show appreciation for the skills displayed, especially since i don't have photoshop. So in this instance i don't donate a thing. I make the purchase because that's exactly what it is...a purchase.
    So, to all you themers asking for "donations" can you stop with the con and the hustlin? Keep it thorough.
    Buy -

    What can i say? A paid theme is a paid theme.
    The only thing that comes to mind at the moment is i've seen in several threads where the "customer support" is lacking. People purchase themes to have their phones looking nice and expect help from the OP. Of course no one can expect an op to monitor "their thread" 24-7. "Most of us" have lives outside of this and other forums. Things happen in life. True.
    But lend assistance when you can.
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