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    Neurotech User Made Icons-icons-preview-1.pngNeurotech User Made Icons-icons-preview-2.pngNeurotech User Made Icons-icons-preview-3.pngNeurotech User Made Icons-icons-preview-4.png
    Here we go, previews for the newest set, these are all i have done at the moment, and a few of the ones in the 4th image are still missing bundle info and can't be included in the download until i have it, texas poker, mewseek, springtomize 2 transloc app advice, iprotect, imuscle, irealsms, groupme, bellco banking, jetpack joyrid, and what's on.
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    Springtomize 2
    2012-08-02 03:42 PM
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    iRealSMS 3.0
    Icon Name: iRealSMS
    Icon File: [email protected] . png
    Identifier: com.apple.MobileSMS (com.irealsms.irealsms)

    Jetpack Joyride
    Icon Name: Jetpack
    Icon File: [email protected] . png
    Identifier: com.halfbrick.jetpack

    Bell Co. Banking
    Icon Name: Bellco
    Icon File: [email protected] . png
    Identifier: com.bellco.mbanking.prod

    Texas Poker
    Icon Name: Texas Poker
    Icon File: [email protected] . png
    Identifier: com.iphonesoft3g.texaspoker

    What's On?
    Icon Name: What's On?
    Icon File: [email protected] . png
    Identifier: com.napkinstudio.whatson

    Icon Name: GroupMe
    Icon File: [email protected] . png
    Identifier: com.groupme.iphone-app

    Icon Name: TransLoc
    Icon File: [email protected] . png
    Identifier: com.transloc.iTouchTVS

    Icon Name: iProtect
    Icon File: [email protected] . png
    Identifier: com.iDevMobile.iProtect

    Icon Name: MewSeek
    Icon File: [email protected] . png
    Identifier: net.mewseek.MewSeek

    And there you have it! I couldn't get iMuscle, however.

    *Edit* Forgot one.

    Icon Name: AppAdvice
    Icon File: [email protected] . png
    Identifier: com.appadvice.AppAdvice
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    Can someone theme the top bar of the QuickReply for Messages+? It's really bugging the crap outta me.

    Icon Name: Messages+
    Icon File: [email protected] . png
    Identifier: com.intelliborn.messagesplus

    This one is the regular top bar.

    Image: [email protected] . png
    Dimensions: 640x90
    Neurotech User Made Icons-img_0111.png

    This one is the Landscape version.
    Image: [email protected] . png
    Dimensions: 960x90
    Neurotech User Made Icons-img_0112.png

    *Edit* Might as well throw in these last few apps that I have, since someone else might ask for one of them anyways. These will probably be my last ones.

    USAA Mobile
    Icon Name: USAA
    Icon File: [email protected] . png
    Identifier: com.usaa.UsaaMobile

    MTSU Mobile
    Icon Name: MTSU Mobile
    Icon File: [email protected] . png
    Identifier: MTSU.MTSU-Mobile (I'd verryyyy much appreciate if Chaingun or Jahooba specifically did this one and did something wickedly awesome with it, since it's my college's app )

    Icon Name: Barrel
    Icon File: barrelicon . png
    Identifier: com.aaronash.BarrelSettings

    Icon Name: CallBar
    Icon File: [email protected] . png
    Identifier: org.thebigboss.callbar

    *Side Note: I recommend iPhone users get CallBar, as it not only does it's job by preventing calls from interrupting apps (I got it after my girlfriend interrupted my Kingdom Hearts: CoM GBA game on gpSPhone when I hadn't saved for a while), but it also works very well with Neurotech.*

    Icon Name: f.lux
    Icon File: [email protected] . png
    Identifier: org.herf.iflux
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    Post #2 of this thread has been updated with v2.0 for your downloading pleasure, grab a dl and let me know if any of the icons pictured above don't look right and or don't work, if you can tell me what you have to change to make them work as well that would be awesome.
    2012-08-03 05:34 AM
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    Is the iTeleport icon an HD icon?
    2012-08-03 07:04 AM
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    Awesome icons, found a minor bug

    [email protected]

    Gas buddy has the right bundle id but the icons are
    [email protected]

    Pocket metaverse right bundle id
    icon-double.png(needs this one to work not sure why)

    Also Facebook and cydia are not theming, this is probably a issue in the main theme but I'm not sure what it is.

    Thanks again for the icons
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    2012-08-03 08:34 AM
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    iteleport is not my favorite icon in this set, i'd probably going to redo it soon, it came from a rather small image so it didn't scale well. thanks for the fixes, as for facebook and cydia you should clear your icon cache and respring, alternatively i've found occasionally that you need to hide an icon with sbsettings and then unhide it and it will work, kind of strange but it does work.

    The icon-double.png needs to be there as that is the icon that the iphone4/s will use, the other is a standard def icon. Iphone 4 has icons at 72x72, with icon names like icon.png and such, iphone 4 are 114x114 with names like [email protected], icon-double, icon114 and so on
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    So, are all of these icons able to have an iPad counterpart as well?
    2012-08-17 07:15 PM
  10. Chaingun's Avatar
    not as of yet, none of the neurotech theme has been ported to the ipad as far as i know
    2012-08-20 04:16 AM
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    So, are all of these icons able to have an iPad counterpart as well?
    The icons are named differently, and are different sizes. I would have to re-render them at the higher resolution, which actually isn't that hard - I enjoy doing that part. The hard part is finding the names of all the icons and where they go. Takes forever
    2012-08-20 06:08 AM
  12. Sidon the Kidd's Avatar

    I was wondering if you guys could somehow use this for my MTSU Mobile request. It's got that look to it, y'know?

    Plus, I thought we had all the Apple apps themed? I recently got Podcasts, Numbers, Keynote, Apple Store, and iTunes U, and none of them were themed.
    2012-09-04 02:37 AM
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    Icon request thanks

    Icon.png [email protected]

    Plague inc
    icon_small.png icon_supersmall.png

    Salary book

    Scan life
    icon.png [email protected]

    [email protected]




    Udid faker

    My baby today
    Icon.png [email protected]
    2012-09-26 09:04 AM
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    added to the list rodimal and sidon, as soon as i get the bugs with my ios6 install figured out i'll get them done and update the link, J are we still going to do the packages on cydia for user made icons? if so i'll get these done and get you a zip of all of mine.
    2012-10-02 05:07 PM
  15. Jahooba's Avatar
    added to the list rodimal and sidon, as soon as i get the bugs with my ios6 install figured out i'll get them done and update the link, J are we still going to do the packages on cydia for user made icons? if so i'll get these done and get you a zip of all of mine.
    Yeah man, as soon as I get them I'll put them on Cydia
    2012-10-02 05:32 PM
  16. Chaingun's Avatar
    cool, i'll get them to you tonight if i can with the new icons added as well.
    2012-10-03 09:22 PM
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    Hey guys, and Chaingun (I had the urge to refer to everyone here as the Chaingang, hehe - it works on many levels).

    Working on a new tutorial/ method that will make icons roughly 500% easier to make, or so.
    2013-02-05 07:50 PM
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    Nice, although i think i can do most of the average difficulty icons in my sleep now lol.
    As posted in the main thread here are the bundle and Icon id's to use Jahooba's maps icon on google maps, just use ifile to adjust(or copy and make another folder with the icons) the com.apple.Maps bundle to com.google.Maps. The icons in the com.google.Maps bundle should be AppIcon.png [email protected] and [email protected]
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    2nd post has been updated with the newest version of my icons, download and let me know if anything isn't working.
    2013-02-09 04:40 PM
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    Hey guys,

    I received a large dump of a lot of icons from Chaingun (over a hundred, woo!).

    I was working on getting them up on Cydia, but then I found an error. Then another, and another and another and I don't think I can put it on Cydia in its current state.

    Sometimes it was the wrong icon name, and sometimes it was the wrong CFBundleIdentifier.

    Don't worry! No one person is to blame - making themes is tricky business! I make icon mistakes all the time myself - I'm just looking for a solution, and I'll need your guy's help if I'm going to get this up on Cydia

    If you haven't already, I suggest that you guys all download an app called Icon Thief from Cydia. It's wonderful! It grabs all your icons from your device and puts them in the correct CFBundleIdentifier folder, and then it prompts you to send it via email - it takes under a minute to scan and send - I'm totally in love with this app. I'm guessing it accurately scans the info.plist file for the correct line. However it works it's a beautiful thing

    I would try to fix the all the errors myself but I don't know what apps they come from.

    Maybe if we all send out Icon Thief files to one person? To me or Chaingun or someone else? We can have a HUGE list of icon info in no time

    What do you guys think?

    2013-02-13 12:12 AM
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