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    Hello everyone,

    {I have not proceed to do anything yet} This is my first thread/question since joining modmyi today. My iPad 2's power button is loose, and after calling the local Apple Store to see if this would be under cover of the warranty, I realized that having a jail-broken iPad, would cause the warranty to be void. So, I thought I could just wipe it to factory default settings, which would remove cydia from apples detection. My question is, if I restore from the iCloud back-up after the procedure, will I be charged for the cracked apps that I have on the cloud? Once I restore the apps and the data from the cloud, will all the cracked apps, require payment (underneath my nose)? Or, is this all going to far, for something apple won't even look into when they fix my power button. I do not want to go through all this, and learn that my iPad was never turned on to see if it was jail-broken.

    2012-02-23 09:09 PM
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    We cannot help with anything regarding cracked apps or warez on MMi sorry. They are against forum rules.
    2012-02-23 09:10 PM
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    Well I have just checked my purchases and yeah it looks like they are charging for them so don't sync to iCloud or you'll get ****** also
    2012-03-16 07:57 PM
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    2012-03-16 08:27 PM
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    2012-03-16 08:34 PM
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    2012-03-16 08:36 PM