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  1. phatbasterd's Avatar
    Hey all quick question for you guys. The main reason i jb my phone was because i wanted to use the mobile hotspot for free. I go through all the trouble of doing this to the phone when my buddy shows me an article on Verizon tracking tethering and knocking off your unlimited plans. Well i don't wanna lose that so is there a program out that i wont get caught with or should i call it a wash.

    Thanks in advance.
    2012-02-25 03:49 AM
  2. daytonaviolet's Avatar
    if you tether every now and then to your laptop, ATT wont catch you. but if you stream GB of data daily, then you'll be caught.
    2012-02-25 04:02 AM
  3. furballx's Avatar
    I got the threat from AT&T to remove my unlimited plan while i was using MyWi to tether. I then swapped to PDA net because it hides your usage and I have had no issues for over 8 months. I would imagine it is similar with verizon. They warn you before they remove your plan.

    2012-03-05 05:08 AM