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    I'm kinda new to this but i'm runnIng carbon ovation purple on a 3gs with iOS 5.01. i need help because i'd like to change the color of the clock and date on my springboard but i don't know where it's located. i'm referring to the clock and date in the bottom left above the dock. I'm teaching myself to do all this, have iFile and iExplorer. If someone could just point me to the location of all this, i have the html color number ready to insert. Thanks
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    2012-02-25 09:12 PM
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    can someone please get back to me on this? it ought to be really simple to do for the gurus here...
    2012-02-27 11:42 PM
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    Use "Springtomize 2" tweak in Cydia it may help you do it easily. Other wise perhaps post your question in the theme thread.
    2012-02-28 01:50 AM
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    i finally figured this out. once i got in ifile and started digging, it was ez to find... thanx
    2012-03-03 05:43 PM