1. dmo580's Avatar
    I would like to unjailbreak my iPad 2. I want to wipe it all and go back to stock.

    Can I just go into DFU and hook it up to iTunes and do a Shift + Restore of the stock 5.0.1 firmware? Or do I need to do the whole TinyUmbrella SHSH Blobs stuff?

    Or would just flat out doing a restore from iTunes ... would this even work if I've never connected the iPad to a computer?

    Basically I'm looking for the easiest way to fix this.
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    2012-03-02 06:42 AM
  2. Imahottguy's Avatar
    DFU restore will work fine. No need for TinyUmbrella or anything special.
    And it will be like a taco inside a taco within a Taco Bell that's inside a KFC that's within a mall that's inside your dream!
    2012-03-02 07:51 AM
  3. docmagoo2's Avatar
    Hope you did this after you asked the question as apple are not signing 5.0.1 firmware any longer. All you'll get is 5.1 now....
    2012-03-10 08:54 AM