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    **Special ThankYou: Kyle for guiding DooGeeMoa onto Cydia & MMI**

    iPhone 4S & iPhone 4 Animated Wallpaper Specialists

    **Designed ONLY FOR: iPhone 4S & iPhone 4**

    ChangingLanes is an animated LockScreen and/or Wallpaper.
    Light Sparks, Pellet Carriers & Beams travel across the grid. Pellets change ‘Lanes’ and appear larger when coming back. Full Digital Time & Date.

    Updated in 2012 for the iPhone 4S.
    iPhone 4 version updated for better graphics.

    Simply enable any animation using Winterboard.
    No additional apps or tweaks required.

    Package contains:
    2x Lock Screen Wallpaper
    2x Home Screen Wallpaper
    iPhone 4S Owners:
    Use ‘4S’ prefix Winterboard Animation Themes
    iPhone 4 Owners:
    Use ‘4’ prefix Winterboard Animation Themes

    View High Definition HD Video Preview on:
    DooGeeMoa Animation Videos
    (Best viewed on your iPhone)

    View High Definition HD Pictures:
    DooGeeMoa iPhone Animation - ChangingLanes

    All DooGeeMoa animations are only available on Cydia.
    Search ‘DooGeeMoa’ on Cydia or search engine.

    Question: Do you still offer those crazy customization options?
    Answer: Not at the moment
    Question: Will these wallpapers drain my battery?
    Answer: DooGeeMoa animations are designed to minimize battery issues.
    Question: What are these animations exactly?
    Answer: These are pure HTML based wallpapers, designed for Winterboard. Any animation will work on any iOS firmware, as long as your have Winterboard installed. No GIF images, pre-rendered movies or HTML5 Canvas elements are used.
    Question: How do you test to see if you animations are any good?
    Answer: Current tester is DooGeeMoa’s 1year old nephew. If he looks at the whole animation= mission accomplished
    Question: I want an animation named after me as well
    Answer: Post a reply to any of our forum postings or PM us with a concept for an animation. If we do use your concept, we will name the results after you. SoBe It was based on the request: I want hearts, flowers, a cat and can I have a tiger please?

    DooGeeMoa will be releasing its entire collection exclusively to Cydia via MMI:
    DooGeeMoa: ChangingLanes (Animated Wallpaper)-neonshenfu.png
    We hope you enjoy our obsession with great looking wallpapers.

    Seeing is believing…

    iPhone 4S & iPhone 4 Animated Wallpaper Specialists
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    2012-03-02 01:28 PM