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    Windows Phone Keyboards on iOS 5+

    * You must have the Color Keyboard (BigBoss) tweak prior to installing.

    * There are now two international variations available via Cydia:


    * Compatible with all iPod and iPhone devices on iOS5+

    * QWERTY layout and US monetary setup

    * All Popups are automatically installed with any theme pack


    * Compatible with all iPod and iPhone devices on iOS5+

    * AZERTY layout and Euro monetary setup

    * All Popups are automatically installed with any theme pack

    I'll continue on to release more International variations of all of these packs as expediently as I am able!

    Size Mismatch Error

    If you are experiencing the "Size Mismatch" Error when trying to install via Cydia, it has become pretty clear that this error is usually a result of the user not having the proper version of Color Keyboard installed prior to installing a theme (or theme pack). The proper version is on the BigBoss repo, and is a paid package. I strongly recommend purchasing the real version! I can't begin to express how insignificant the menial price tag is considering it's the only method of fully theming the ever-increasingly complicated iOS keyboard, not to mention that price includes every theme out there (they're all free).

    On top of all of that, supporting the devoloper of Color Keyboard helps to promote continued maintenance of this amazing theming platform!

    If manual download and install without Cydia is needed or prefered, the titles of the following packs are download links, and the end of this post has a quick tutorial if needed on copying the files to the proper location on your device.

    If you download and install any of these packs manually, be sure to download "WP7CK-Popups" as well.

    Here's what each pack contains color-wise, choose either [Qy-US] or [Ay-EU] (international descriptions above):














    Names are included for "default" Popups, Colors are pretty self explanatory.

    I plan to do much more renovating to this first post, to phase out the old and add more... But I'll leave everything below in place for now as I continue to reorganize...

    Original WP7 CK via MediaFire

    Check out the end of this post for a quick tutorial on the basics of "installation" if necessary.

    Hey guys, I just finished another massive update to the WP7 CK themes mainly for Siri compatibility, but there are other updates throughout, so anyone with older versions could benefit from updating.

    Since I have a literal mess of WP7 CK stuff out there, I changed the naming for the new versions to make it easier to tell what's what. Anything with the ~ at the beginning of the name is old. Everything that was available and more is updated for anyone interested, all prefixed with just WP7.

    I figured I'd start a little thread so that I could post preview pics with the links and have discussion about setup and additional modding if desired. I'm not sure about going through trying to release all of this stuff on Cydia, and it's not a full theme for WB or DB, so I hope this forum location is o.k.

    These are all zip files still hosted in the same MediaFire folder structure.

    Here's a link to go straight there if desired:

    WP7 CK

    Here are the 4 folders laid out in this post with some pics:




    Winterboard Mics for KB-Siri


    There are two versions of all themes, for example:

    WP7-Gray1 ~S~ CK <-- This version is only for 4s users with NO EMOJI

    WP7-Gray1 ~SE~ CK <-- This version is for everyone else.

    These folders once unzipped should be placed in:



    ALL-WP7 ~S~

    ALL-WP7 ~SE~


    WP7-Gray1 ~S~

    WP7-Gray1 ~SE~

    WP7-Gray1+Cyan ~S~

    WP7-Gray1+Cyan ~SE~

    WP7-Gray2 ~S~

    WP7-Gray2 ~SE~

    WP7-Gray2+Cyan ~S~

    WP7-Gray2+Cyan ~SE~

    WP7-White ~S~

    WP7-White ~SE~

    WP7-White+Cyan ~S~

    WP7-White+Cyan ~SE~

    WP7-Black ~S~

    WP7-Black ~SE~

    WP7-Black+Cyan ~S~

    WP7-Black+Cyan ~SE~

    WP7-Cyan-White ~S~

    WP7-Cyan-White ~SE~

    WP7-Cyan-Gray1 ~S~

    WP7-Cyan-Gray1 ~SE~

    WP7-Cyan-Black ~S~

    WP7-Cyan-Black ~SE~

    WP7-Mango-White ~S~

    WP7-Mango-White ~SE~

    WP7-Mango-White+Cyan ~S~

    WP7-Mango-White+Cyan ~SE~

    WP7-Mango-Black ~S~

    WP7-Mango-Black ~SE~

    WP7-Mango-Black+Cyan ~S~

    WP7-Mango-Black+Cyan ~SE~

    WP7-Red ~S~

    WP7-Red ~SE~

    Until I get the chance to add it separately, here's the Lime versions in a package that includes all parts (Themes/Popups/SiriMics):

    WP7-Lime ~


    These folders once unzipped should be placed in:


    ALL-WP7 ~

    WP7-All-Black ~

    WP7-All-Cyan ~

    WP7-All-Gray1 ~

    WP7-All-Gray2 ~

    WP7-All-Gray3 ~

    WP7-All-Mango ~

    WP7-All-Red ~

    WP7-All-White ~

    WP7-Black ~

    WP7-Black-Cyan ~

    WP7-Black-Red ~

    WP7-Cyan-Black ~

    WP7-Cyan-Black ~

    WP7-Cyan-Gray1 ~

    WP7-Cyan-White ~

    WP7-Gray1 ~

    WP7-Gray1-Cyan ~

    WP7-Gray2 ~

    WP7-Gray2-Cyan ~

    WP7-Mango-Black ~

    WP7-Mango-White ~

    WP7-Red-Black ~

    WP7-White ~

    WP7-White2 ~

    WP7-White-Black ~

    WP7-White-Cyan ~

    WP7-White-Gray1 ~


    These folders each contain a ColorKeyboard.plist file that can be used to replace the one that comes in any Theme folder to change the Popup Text Color to work with your desired Popups. They are setup and named to correspond with particular themes. The NumberPads will be setup for the described theme, and the Popup Text color is described (Cyan-PopTxt).

    The two theme "versions": ~S~ and ~SE~, use the same plists.

    The "Defaults" that come with each theme are labelled as such, so copy, paste, over-write... do as you will. They'll be here just in case you need them:

    WP7-Black (Black-PopTxt).zip

    WP7-Black (Cyan-PopTxt).zip

    WP7-Black (White-PopTxt)

    WP7-Black+Cyan (Black-PopTxt).zip

    WP7-Black+Cyan (Cyan-PopTxt).zip

    WP7-Black+Cyan (White-PopTxt)

    WP7-Cyan (Black-PopTxt).zip

    WP7-Cyan (Cyan-PopTxt).zip

    WP7-Cyan (White-PopTxt)

    WP7-Gray1 (Black-PopTxt)

    WP7-Gray1 (Cyan-PopTxt).zip

    WP7-Gray1 (White-PopTxt).zip

    WP7-Gray1+Cyan (Black-PopTxt).zip

    WP7-Gray1+Cyan (Cyan-PopTxt).zip

    WP7-Gray1+Cyan (White-PopTxt)

    WP7-Gray2 (Black-PopTxt).zip

    WP7-Gray2 (Cyan-PopTxt).zip

    WP7-Gray2 (White-PopTxt)

    WP7-Gray2+Cyan (Black-PopTxt).zip

    WP7-Gray2+Cyan (Cyan-PopTxt).zip

    WP7-Gray2+Cyan (White-PopTxt)

    WP7-Mango-Black (Black-PopTxt).zip

    WP7-Mango-Black (Cyan-PopTxt).zip

    WP7-Mango-Black (White-PopTxt)

    WP7-Mango-White (Black-PopTxt).zip

    WP7-Mango-White (Cyan-PopTxt).zip

    WP7-Mango-White (White-PopTxt)

    WP7-Red (Black-PopTxt).zip

    WP7-Red (Red-PopTxt).zip

    WP7-Red (White-PopTxt)

    WP7-White (Black-PopTxt).zip

    WP7-White (Cyan-PopTxt).zip

    WP7-White (White-PopTxt)

    WP7-White+Cyan (Black-PopTxt)

    WP7-White+Cyan (Cyan-PopTxt).zip

    WP7-White+Cyan (White-PopTxt).zip

    Altering your ColorKeyboard.plist

    If anyone's interested, here is a list of WP7 Color Hex Codes and the <key>CustomColor</key> from WP7-Gray1 ~ CK with some explination inserted if any want to open their plist and play around with the few colors that it's controlling. All plists are exactly the same except for these hex codes in the <key>CustomColor</key>.

    000000FF - Black
    1BA1E2FF - Cyan
    474747FF - Gray1 Keys
    1F1F1FFF - Gray1 BG
    151515FF - Gray2 Keys
    070707FF - Gray2 BG
    FF6529FF - Mango
    E51400FF - Red
    FFFFFFFF - White
    DEDFDEFF - White BG
    00000000 - Transparent


    The "unselected" text on the Variant Popups
    The Text color on the normal Popups
    The "selected" Text on the Variant Popups
    If you want to add an Etch to the Text on the normal Popups
    This shouldn't be altered
    The Gradient begin and end that make the color of the "unselected" key Foregrounds on the Variant Popups (for WP7 you'll want them both to be the same code for a solid color)
    The Text on the "unpressed" NumberPad keys
    The Etch on the "unpressed" Numberpad keys
    The small ABC letters under the Numbers on the "unpressed" Numberpad keys
    The Gradient begin and end that make the color for the "unpressed" Numberpad key Foregrounds
    The Text on the "pressed" NumberPad keys
    The Etch on the "pressed" NumberPad keys
    The small ABC Letters under the Numbers on the "pressed" NumberPad keys
    The Gradient begin and end that make the color of the "pressed" NumberPad key Foregrounds
    From here to the next description shouldn't be altered
    <string>UIKBColorBackgroundStandardGradientStart </string>
    The Gradient begin and end that make the color of the "selected" key Foreground on the Variant Popups
    These 2 shouldn't be altered

    Keyboard Siri Mics for Winterboard

    If anyone that uses WB is interested, here are some simple WP7 Siri Mics for the Keyboard ONLY (just wanted to try and complete the CK's). The names only refer to the Mic.

    These folders once unzipped should be placed in...


    ...and armed in Winterboard.

    WP7-KB-Siri-White ~

    WP7-KB-Siri-White2 ~

    WP7-KB-Siri-Cyan ~

    WP7-KB-Siri-Cyan2 ~

    WP7-KB-Siri-Black ~

    WP7-KB-Siri-Black2 ~

    WP7-KB-Siri-Black2+Cyan ~

    WP7-KB-Siri-White3 ~

    WP7-KB-Siri-White3+White ~

    WP7-KB-Siri-Mango ~

    WP7-KB-Siri-Mango2 ~

    WP7-KB-Siri-Mango2+White ~

    WP7-KB-Siri-Red ~

    WP7-KB-Siri-Red2 ~

    WP7-KB-Siri-Red2+White ~

    WP7-KB-Siri-White2+Red ~

    iDevice Root Directory Basics

    Just in case, for any who are less familiar with copying files to the Root directories of your device, here's a little explanation that will hopefully help:

    The easiest way to acces the root directory of your device is iExplorer (PC) or iFunBox (Mac). Both are simple, free programs for your computer that will make browsing and copying files to your device a snap.

    Begin by downloading the appropriate program via these links:

    iExplorer - Formerly iPhone Explorer

    iFunBox for Mac - App/File Manager, Browser, Explorer, Transfer Tool for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch

    I use iExplorer as I have a PC, so the following description shows the simple process using iExplorer, but iFunBox for Mac will work the same way...

    Once installed, iExplorer is very simple and user friendly. It can be opened with your device already plugged in, or you can plug your device in once it's open. Either way, it will show the hierarchy in the devices root directory, and allow you to browse to the proper locations and just drag and drop files where they are needed.

    Here's what you will see when it first opens:

    This is the contents of "/" (or the whole hierarchy).

    "/" begins and is the symbol to separate "folders" in any explanations you may have seen in text format such as the location of the Color Keyboard folders:




    Use the Left Pane to do your "browsing" to the necessary locations.

    Here's what it looks like to browse to the Color Keyboard folders in iExplorer:

    So to use the simple drag and drop functionality of iExplorer, for example browse to:


    Now open a Windows Explorer / Mac Finder window and browse to the location of the CK themes you want to copy onto the device, and simply drag and drop them into the panel on the right in iExplorer where all of your other already installed CK themes are. (Obviously any files being copied must be unzipped before putting them in place on the device).

    That's it!

    The files are in place and ready to be armed in the Color Keyboard Settings app.

    Do the same for Popups, Plugins, etc...

    And just in case the location for Winterboard themes is:


    Let me know about any problems or questions, and I'd also be happy to fill any requests I'm able to.


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    2012-03-08 04:16 AM
  2. ImaBoss's Avatar
    This is probably one of the most well done threads i have ever seen. Bravo. (: Love this keyboard and thank you for making it!
    2012-03-08 04:51 AM
  3. Phatmartino's Avatar
    2012-03-08 05:21 AM
  4. Frep's Avatar
    Fantastic work! Thank you very much! You gave a very important contribute to wp7 community and more keep this great work!
    2012-03-08 09:29 AM
  5. Zombian's Avatar
    Thanks a ton man. The Siri dictation theme is just what I needed to round out the Siri theme I've been working on. As always fantastic work
    2012-03-08 11:55 AM
  6. Mkokolis's Avatar
    Great work man very detailed and I love the wide variety
    2012-03-08 12:53 PM
  7. Exapan's Avatar
    Please make an AZERTY version of this, thanks a lot.
    2012-03-12 08:54 PM
  8. Phatmartino's Avatar
    Please make an AZERTY version of this, thanks a lot.

    Hey, sorry it took me so long to respond...

    I didn't want to say that I would or wouldn't do Azerty because I wasn't terribly familiar and I knew it would take a lot of new images. I looked into it and I think I can oblige.

    Could you let me know specifically what version (Colors, Device, Emoji/Int?) you'd be most interested in? It will take around 450 new images to do all variations in Azerty, so I could start with whichever one you're most interested in and post it sooner than later.

    2012-03-23 01:14 AM
  9. Exapan's Avatar
    I'm on the iPhone 4S without emoji and the color on the picture is what I want first. Thanks in advance.
    2012-03-23 06:59 PM
  10. Phatmartino's Avatar
    I'm on the iPhone 4S without emoji and the color on the picture is what I want first. Thanks in advance.

    Hey, here's a zip with the AZERTY Gray1 and Gray1+Cyan (Shift) for 4s no Emoji.

    You mind giving them a workout and helping me make sure everything is in order?

    WP7-Azerty-Gray1 ~S~

    2012-03-24 06:44 PM
  11. JamesSmith1111's Avatar
    Hey can you do a lime colored keyboard
    2012-03-25 10:53 AM
  12. Phatmartino's Avatar
    Hey can you do a lime colored keyboard


    Wp7 ck-wp7-lime-black.png Wp7 ck-wp7-lime-white.png

    Let me know if you want White Text like is shown, or Black Text...

    Also, any thoughts as to what you would want for Popups? I'll make some either way, but if you're envisioning anything in particular (as well as Text color on the Popups), let me know.
    2012-03-25 02:06 PM
  13. JamesSmith1111's Avatar
    Wow the black looks amazing

    Anything you wanna do with the popup is fine
    2012-03-25 02:12 PM
  14. Phatmartino's Avatar

    I'll need to make some popups and edit some plists, should be able to get it done today.
    2012-03-25 02:22 PM
  15. JamesSmith1111's Avatar
    LEGEND haha
    2012-03-25 02:24 PM
  16. Phatmartino's Avatar
    WP7-Lime ~

    Hey, here's a zip that contains folders like are found in /Library/ColorKeyboard/. Just copy the folder contents from/to:

    Plugins - These can be armed in the settings app at the bottom of the Theme page under "Select Plugins". They will change the Popup Text color accordingly. (Only arm 1 plugin at a time)

    Popups - There are 5 new Lime sets

    Themes - Included are both versions of 2 color variations:

    WP7-Lime... ~S~ <- 4s NO Emoji

    WP7-Lime... ~SE~ <- Everyone Else

    Let me know if you're a 4s user and also specifically would want some Lime WB mics like the others.

    At this point I am planning on releasing this stuff on Cydia just to make it easier to find and install. I plan on turning all of the PopTxt plist variations into Plugins like these Lime versions for a little added ease.
    2012-03-25 07:48 PM
  17. JamesSmith1111's Avatar
    Sweet keyboard matches my case now great work!
    2012-03-26 02:04 AM
  18. Exapan's Avatar
    Hey, here's a zip with the AZERTY Gray1 and Gray1+Cyan (Shift) for 4s no Emoji.

    You mind giving them a workout and helping me make sure everything is in order?

    WP7-Azerty-Gray1 ~S~

    Everything seems to be perfect ! Thanks !
    2012-03-26 04:33 PM
  19. chickenmatt5's Avatar
    There's a problem with Siri in landscape mode. The mic is on the left, covering the "done" button in the CK themes. Must I install a Winterboard theme to fix this?
    2012-04-01 03:10 PM
  20. Phatmartino's Avatar
    There's a problem with Siri in landscape mode. The mic is on the left, covering the "done" button in the CK themes. Must I install a Winterboard theme to fix this?

    Hey, there are definitely a few bugs with Color Keyboard and the Siri "in use" background images.

    As far as I've tested there are two major problems:

    1. Switching from Port to Land (or vice-versa) while in dictation mode. Once things get messed up having done this, when you exit dictation, whatever keyboard layout it goes back to is also messed up. The latter part fixes itself as soon as you switch keyplanes (by hitting Shift, ABC, 123, etc.)

    2. If you enter dictation mode from a Numbers or Symbols keyplane, when you exit dictation that same Num/Sym image will be showing even though the "Transparent" iOS kb has changed back to Letters. This might not even be apparent unless you hit a key to see that the popup and it's Symbol don't match the "Key" you hit.

    Let me know if this makes sense, and also if it seems to you like the problem has even more symptoms than that...

    I had already notified YS Kim about the Port/Land switch problem where the mic goes all rogue, but I'll try again and point out the rest including anything else you may be noticing.

    In the meantime at least, it seems like if you avoid entering dictation from Num/Sym keyplanes and also avoid switching orientation while in dictation mode, you hopefully won't experience any major problems.

    2012-04-01 04:51 PM
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