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  1. Koolkam89's Avatar

    I successfully jailbroke my Ipad2 5.0.1 when the jailbreak was released a few months ago. It was fine up until yesterday. I installed a package(forget what I installed) and ever since then it has been on a semi continuous boot loop. It boots up with the apple logo, shuts off, then 5-6 seconds later it reboots and does not get past the apple logo. I'm unsure of how to proceed. I can't get it into safe mode to uninstall whatever it was that is messing it up. Is a restore my only option? I do have a 5.0.1 backup for it in Itunes, but since 5.1 came out will if I restore will it automatically restore me to 5.1? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

    2012-03-10 08:50 PM
  2. iYeow's Avatar
    If you can't get out of this loop, your restore will be 5.1. Having 5.0.1 blob saved does not help you to restore to 5.0.1
    2012-03-11 05:28 AM
  3. glasstronaut's Avatar
    iYeow is right...Took me 3 days of tracking down the 3 step errors leading you to finally "not eligible" via proxy wtf @pple...

    Why can I find no visible process on 5.0.1 shsh stitching, standalone installers and a pwned dfu mode? sigh...

    People seem to have forgotten about a5 now that they got 5.0.1 "working" btw

    ----DO NOT hit reset settings, you could very well get this loop and have to update to 5.1-----

    I just miss firewall ip and hate the damn swipe to unlock screen, get it right apple and we wont have to jailbreak /endrant
    2012-03-11 06:17 PM