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    Hello all users!!!!

    NOW!! Video Lock supports French, Korean and Japanese

    Thanks for all lovely users! Video Lock is on TOP What's Hot in Utility!

    Now I come back with something very interesting again. It’s called ‘Video Lock for iPhone - Lock

    Your Moment’. This app is matched to people who like to record funny videos, pranks, very romantic

    moments, or whatever you want to keep it secretly by using passcode. There are two passcodes using for

    a real one and decoy one. Example, you set your real passcode as “lock’, but if you key the real passcord

    backward ‘kcol’, it will access to the other page which is a decoy page, so you can hide anything in it.

    See! This part is a very creative and useful part for many people. And, the most interesting part is able

    to play within the same folder like a slideshow, and this function is not found in any app right now.

    We can do many thing similar to doing in photo albums.

    Try and Enjoy many creative apps from i-App Creation NOW at AppStore.

    Other features:
    • Panic warps (Ex. Shake and automatically change to the other destination page)
    • Airplay streaming
    • Personalize themes of your shelves
    • Import videos from Photo albums, iTunes USB or even shoot it now from the app
    • For free version, limit 5 shelves. For paid version, unlimited shelves.
    • Change your shelf names, shelf covers from your photo albums
    • Move your videos to other shelves and within a shelf
    • Trim videos (You may wanna cut only a climax part, and then save it!)
    • Able to add descriptions and tags to each video, in case, you have many folders of videos (It’ll be easily for you to find it in a short time)
    • Share your folders to Youtube, emails, or via iTunes USB
    • Changing videos while you are watching by manually sliding it like you do with your photos
    • Support all Apple movie formats

    Visit the website: iAppCreation - Mobile App Development Studio- Mobile Application Publisher | i-App Creation Co.,Ltd
    AppStore: App Store - Video Lock for iPhone - Lock your Moment
    Like on Facebook: iAppCreation.co.ltd. | Facebook
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