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    I just bought a brand new iPhone 4 for sprint and my 1st problem was getting iTunes to recognize it for the sync. my pc would recognize but iTunes wouldn't. thank god I cleared that issue...but now im ready for a jailbreak, so I downloaded redsnow .9.10b6 and firmwares 5.0.1 & 5.1, neither of them get me the JB. redsnow would go to the dfu instructions screen and I do all of them correctly but it runs through the whole thing and never recognizes my iPhone 4 in dfu mode.

    so I then tried snow breeze 2.93 and the shift+restore in iTunes but I get error 3194 every time. now I'm really frustrated because iPhones are only dope jail broken.

    can someone offer some advice? preferably a solution?
    2012-03-17 05:44 PM
  2. Crypticgeek's Avatar
    2012-03-22 05:03 AM
  3. vbuen323's Avatar
    Sprint is also a "CDMA" phone. Do you have the iPhone 4 or 4s? iPhone 4 and 4s need different JB tools. The service shouldn't matter since Verizon and Sprint are the same. I have a Verizon iPhone 4 and have used redsn0w to Jb. If you're phone isn't being recognized by iTunes, let it sync before you try to JB. It might be your iTunes that needs to be updated. Make sure you have the latest version of iTunes when JB 5.0.1. There is only a tethered JB for 5.1 right now, if you like tethered JB. Personally, tethered JB can kiss my *****.
    2012-03-24 06:03 AM