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    Says ELLISON next to loading circle. Is all caps. Says downloading when loading repos. Is this a new update. Says 1.1.4. I dont recall a cydia update. Should I be worried.

    See screenshots
    Attached Thumbnails Cydia is different.-imageuploadedbymodmyi1332179586.306267.jpg   Cydia is different.-imageuploadedbymodmyi1332179609.050601.jpg   Cydia is different.-imageuploadedbymodmyi1332179628.402698.jpg  
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    "ELISION" sounds like a localization problem.
    Are you using US/English as your native language?

    Have you deleted (unused) language packs?

    1.1.4 is the current Cydia version, as of January 2012.
    2012-03-21 10:02 PM
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    I had the same problem and I find a solution :
    the problem appears when auto-apptranslate tried to translate Cydia and failed so it had created a new empty folder in /var/stash/Applications/ I think the name depends of your language for me it was fr.lproj because I'm french and my default language is french if you are english it could be en.lproj or something like that so if you want to restore Cydia you'll have to go to /var/stash/Applications/ with iFile and you'll see that there's other folders, the original one is English.lproj (for me it was French.lproj) and in this folder there's two files : Localizable.stings and Sections.strings , just copy these two files in the empty folder (for me it was fr.lproj like I said before) and everything will go back to normal state.
    Excuse me for my english I hope you'll understand
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