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    I recently got the HTC Weather Widget and went looking for a nice backround to match it really well. I found a couple and started trying backgrounds. I switched background 1 time and now no matter what I do the background will not change. I can get it to the stock image by switching to = false on the configureme.js part, then i turn back to true and it always goes to the first image i changed background to. I am using .png backgrounds, they are all 640x960, ive even tried smaller ones just to see. ive removed the theme, then resprung with all stock settings and tried to change that way; basically every combination of change this/that ive tried.
    If anyone could chime in that would be great.
    Thank You.
    btw im new in learning programming at my college and am loving it, i cant wait to learn how to actually do something useful lol.

    Ohh btw, Im using iFile to access things, not sure in the difference between different ones.
    I couldnt find a "Introduce yourself" thread, if there is one.
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