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    Hey guys I have a little problem the iPhone 4S Sprint is already jailbroken.. so I just wanted to make sure the iphone was clean from browsing etc .. so I did the reset all settings and the phone wants to activate ...

    before I did it of course phone was working just fine... if I knew I would need to activate it which I cant.. I would never reset the settings :/

    so 1) with Absynthe I cant re-do jailbreak because it says it is already jailbroken...
    2) redsn0w wont detect the firmware...

    Please Note : the app from cydia SAM or SAMF not sure how it's called is installed.. and hacktivate was enabled i believie but still it says to activate ! and it was working just fine

    also I ordered the gevey multi unlock the phone will be used on T Mobile , when I put the gevey will the activation go away? please help guys! Thank you! I hope once the gevey comes and it will let me activate with other sim card..

    EDIT : the back of the phone shows A1387 so it says it is not Sprint iPhone?
    wow my friend told me it's sprint and now i see it's not.. so I should be able to hacktivate it but redsn0w or snowbreeze just wont read it...

    EDIT: so I thought this is the AT&T iPhone and found micro-att sim card and it still shows sim not valid.
    What do I do now? I am running out of ideas just to get passed the activation screen.
    Sorry for asking so many times but would gevey get passed through it ?

    Question #2

    If upgraded to iOS 5.1 and then jailbreak would that work?

    Works with Modem Firmware 1.0.11, 1.013, 1.0.14, and 2.0.10

    Works with Modem Firmware 1.0.11, 1.013, and 1.0.14

    I have no idea which firmware 5.1 Has. This is such a small problem that used to get away quickly with iPhone 4 when I had it.

    EDIT Final : After Fighting with the iPhone it worked . I simply turned it off for an hour and turned on .. and bAAM I could activate without sim... such a relief.

    Since I purchased the gevey CDMA/GSM and my baseband is just fine for the gevey! I will post results on Simple Mobile [ T Mobile USA Prepaid]
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