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    A totally new way of theming

    Theme made on firmware 5.0.1
    Theme require "WallpaperJPEGifier"...(Cydia)
    For some setup you need to instal from Cydia Gridlock,Springjumps and Infinidock.

    (id) A new feature that will bring a stunning way to display your icons.
    Instead of multiple icon sets,you select from multiple Icon Decor (id)

    BREED Sync Loader animation

    [Theme Showcase] DARKSTAR 2 A New BREED
    BREED Theme review by C1NY from iDeviceDaily
    [Theme Showcase] DARKSTAR 2 A New BREED | iDevice Daily


    (not compatible with Shrink,and the Icon Decor (id) wont work if you have iBlank activated)
    Theme made on firmware 5.0.1
    Theme require "WallpaperJPEGifier"...(Cydia)
    for some setup you need to instal from Cydia Gridlock and Infinidock

    • if you loved my previous theme DARKSTAR,you will be happy to know this:
    • BRRED is actually DARKSTAR 2...!!!
    • but the name will remain in BREED
    BREED is made in a completely new way,but with the same concept that DS had,and adding new concept to it.
    Once you see it in,you will know what I mean.
    • you won't need to make or request color mods,BREED will take care of your color needs.!!!
    • the primary objective of BREED is the icons.
    • instead of multiple icon sets,I focused on multiple "icon decor" (id)
    • this method will please everyone,from simple to hi-tech styles.You just select yor style you like most,or change it from time to time.
    And with the multiple Color Mods,SB WIDGETS,wallpapers selectable in settings app or camera roll,you will never get bored on the same look.
    • as the name implies,"BREED",the icons will have the same DNA,but gearing them with diferent icon decor.
    The results is amazing.
    • BREED dna will be infecting other systems,as it will be also be available in a "DINAMIC slideshow theme" for PlayStation 3,and also for Nintendo DS for R4 cartridges users.(coming very soon)

    Bad news:
    1-BREED will only be for iPhone 4 (or 4s) running iOS5
    (as I no longer have a 3G or 3GS,and I'm only on iOS5)...sorry

    BREED is a "Plug-n-Play" theme,meaning that it not requiere any setup at all,Just install BREED.theme and enjoy
    I also include various options to make this theme more fun.
    Things like PerPageHTML files for a NAV system that you will love (PerPageHTML,Sprinjumps and InfiniDock (or equivalent) are required for the NAV system.

    BREED is a complete free theme
    but only the white color mode version of it
    you can download the main package and enjoy BREED
    this contain the main base theme and all the Icon Decor (id),plus extras like PerPageHTML files
    I set this in a complete theme for free so anyone can enjoy it
    this package does not contains the loaders for apps

    Color modes packages are donation required
    To get the full experience,donate at least $2.99 ($3 to be more standard...)


    Please,include for what are you donating (BREED)
    Once PayPal confirms your donation I will email you back with all the links to download the packages

    BREED contains:
    the complete main base theme
    Ui sounds
    all the Icon Decor (id)
    Included are the ALX icon decor in cyan color,the rest is white
    multiple docks
    various springboard image widgets
    Color Keyboard theme (with upper and lower case features)
    Snow Cover theme
    SBSettings with psd for more icons
    20 wallpapers
    PSD for icons
    and more

    On your donation you will receive:
    all the color modes of the UI (user interface) ,Icon Decor,Color keyboard,SBSettings,SC4
    the loadres (loaders are only in cyan version)
    some extras and Master PSDs for wallpapers,GUI,PPHTML MASTER GUI,BREED LS SS template

    first download the base package (read the Read me file for some instructions)
    make a donation if you want all the color modes
    you will get an email with the links to download each color mode and extras

    BREED theme for

    Nominate My Theme for "Theme Of The Week" | Vote


    Coming soon


    Zeppelin Carrier Logo
    Ok I finished the Zeppelin and the file already integrated all the colors that are available for this theme


    ---BREED LS ZRO STYLE 1.0---
    Based on one of the outstanding statndard wallpaper made by ZRO
    arrenged in a HTML to display any picture you set as lockscreen..
    (This require "Wallpaper JPEGifier" in order to work...(Cydia))
    includes all the color mode

    just extract and copy the color you like to var/stash/Themes
    put at top of the main theme in the Winterboard list

    BREED LS Zro



    Zro's Wallpaper Pack (coming soon---arrenged by ALIEN1974 for use in the Settings app)


    PSD for making your own loaders...
    (NOTE:this is the same in the psd package,I just posted it here so anyone can make the loaders)

    for color modes change the hue on the loading leds layer,the hypertechnica layer and the floor layer...
    have fun...



    Settings Mini Icon psd



    BiteSMS NotiCenter


    Okay guys here is the simple mod SS I did Big thanks to Gunny29 for making the Dusk ULT LCD from Darkstar ios5 compatible also thanks to Alien1974 for supplying the code and images for me to chop up. Thanks to Max Pa1n I used part of his code for combining widgets.
    Here it is


    lol.............heres my SB and thanks to Alien for some parts I used and awesome new theme..........and to crazyvivek for the gps weather which you will need for this mod to work.........if your not familiar with gps weather check here is user selected thru settings requires wallpaper jpegifier.........enjoy


    Ok guys heres my LS and SB combo mods everythings all in one package so make sure you have no other LS and SB mods selected in WB.These are gps based so if you dont know how to get gps weather up and running go here a quick crash course(Its very simple).If youd like other colors thats easy to for the LS overlay simply open the main breed theme folder of any of the color mods and take the SBLayer located in the Lockscreen folder and replace the Layer in my mod with that one.Open both htmls and change the color code of the #month to the color code of your choice.Credits go to my boys Chevymusclecar(original mod)Pinoy(weather images)crazyvivek and the boys from the gps thread(original gps work)and of course ALIEN(for yet another awesome abduction).

    Breed M GPS LS SB

    Ok bad guys, here I present my new mod.

    Thanks to Alien1974, Max_Pa1n, ZrO and Karoonchai



    Cyan: - download
    Red: - download

    LS Breed 2 Red - Cyan

    Red - Cyan DOWNLOAD

    I hope you will enjoy. : )

    Credit to ALIEN1974, zro and creators.

    sorry, for my english.


    i like this mod ,Here you go guys.

    Download here

    Credit and THANKS Crazyvivek for the original GPS LC

    and other Creators and thanks to Vanasian‎

    Have Fun !

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    2012-04-05 01:32 AM
  2. TRUCKINLOW's Avatar
    2012-04-05 01:41 AM
  3. chg128's Avatar
    long time no see bro...

    very nice !
    2012-04-05 01:45 AM
  4. Garkin's Avatar
    2012-04-05 01:47 AM
  5. hemptation's Avatar
    been waiting on this
    2012-04-05 01:48 AM
  6. faisalz's Avatar
    2012-04-05 01:48 AM
  7. Fattone66's Avatar
    This is fantastic!!!!!!
    2012-04-05 01:52 AM
  8. KnightWing's Avatar
    You don't even know how long I've been waiting..just donated and ready to roll!...after I rejailbreak lol
    Follow me on twitter @The_KnightWing
    2012-04-05 01:55 AM
  9. hemptation's Avatar
    you gonna jailbreak while waiting on that link?
    2012-04-05 01:58 AM
  10. RKO1195's Avatar
    Wow! Been waiting a long time bud! I think you hit it in the right time. Me so happy! Thanks Alien for your work!
    2012-04-05 01:59 AM
  11. Raaj FX's Avatar
    Oh my god that dialer.

    Gonna need a ios4 port though.
    2012-04-05 02:00 AM
  12. 2k1's Avatar
    Looks like another one to the list
    2012-04-05 02:01 AM
  13. giang4loan's Avatar
    Looking good My Alien friend.Welcome back to earth My brother
    2012-04-05 02:06 AM
  14. KnightWing's Avatar
    you gonna jailbreak while waiting on that link?
    I just took a two minute shower, gonna write paper in library while waiting...Damn you Alien for releasing it the night that I have a paper due 😜
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    2012-04-05 02:08 AM
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    Omg !

    2012-04-05 02:08 AM
  16. Alexweli69's Avatar
    BREED is here NICE
    2012-04-05 02:10 AM
  17. T76's Avatar
    omg omg omg Alien return,welcome back to earth Alien,awesome theme
    2012-04-05 02:15 AM
  18. sephiroth726's Avatar
    finally posted a thread, looks like its worth the wait, very nice

    loving the different icons

    and I see you have the same taste in wallpapers, I've been using that same dead space wall for almost a year

    and making wallpaper mods just so I can frame it in on my springboard lol
    2012-04-05 02:16 AM
  19. FrightDealer's Avatar
    The wait was freaking wOrth it! I'm waiting for the DNA samples master ALIEN!
    2012-04-05 02:20 AM
  20. itr2sti's Avatar
    Nice to see you back bro!!!
    2012-04-05 02:23 AM
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