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  1. WaGGuM's Avatar
    whew Mone you Kill it!
    2012-05-04 07:16 PM
  2. Mone's Avatar
    Ha ha Wag .. I kill nothing .. lol
    2012-05-04 07:25 PM
  3. rion_j's Avatar
    I really love your theme Pierre-Andre

    Click for bigger size
    beautiful! is this posted on ur site?
    2012-05-04 07:25 PM
  4. Mone's Avatar
    @rion_j - Not yet .. just finished. I will post here then
    2012-05-04 07:30 PM
  5. mrttrgt's Avatar
    Everybody enjoy with iMatte.i still didn't received the invitation
    2012-05-04 07:42 PM
  6. WaGGuM's Avatar
    Everybody enjoy with iMatte.i still didn't received the invitation
    He's either working on it fervidly or the invite is in your jumk/spam folder. check!
    2012-05-04 07:59 PM
  7. larke's Avatar
    Me today, think I finally settled on a springboard I like Light version is almost done! Need to get a couple more psds from myiCommunity and should be finished.

    iMatte v5 HD - The Apotheose [FREE]-imattev5_sb_0504.png

    HotPink | iApplesauce | Hypnotiq | iAppleWood | boss mods
    2012-05-04 08:05 PM
  8. Zooropalg's Avatar
    Those icons are so cool !!!
    2012-05-04 08:53 PM
  9. myiCommunity's Avatar
    What is your paypal email? Or do you have your confirmation number? I sent all invites this morning.. you should have received it, if you donated..

    Hmmmm nice widget! and setup!

    Loving that slider on the lockscreen as well, with the bar in the middle.. nice!

    Wow mone! Wish I had more time now to actually play with PS! Happy that the update is now done with, I'll start PSing soon! Made two wallpapers yesterday because I was missing PS too much!

    I got my head in other matters... yesterday was all the packaging, docs, screenshots, preparations for the updates, and today, sending the invites, and dealing with the inexperienced dropbox users, that deleted stuff out of my dropbox...

    Hope it doesn't keep on happening, otherwise, I will have to think of something else. For an hour, I had dropbox popup every few seconds... was starting to go crazy!

    Loving your work mone, keep it up!!!

    Everybody enjoy with iMatte.i still didn't received the invitation
    you received it? Thought I saw an email looking like your name.. you should have..

    Me today, think I finally settled on a springboard I like Light version is almost done! Need to get a couple more psds from myiCommunity and should be finished.

    iMatte v5 HD - The Apotheose [FREE]-imattev5_sb_0504.png
    Whoah! I'm loving this as well! Really elegant and classy! Love the picture in the middle, everything is tip top!

    Those icons are so cool !!!
    Yeah totally! They are in the dropbox by the way!
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    2012-05-04 09:38 PM
  10. mrttrgt's Avatar
    İ dont want to disturb you so much mail is [email protected].I checked spam folder also but no baby is sleeping and my wife flying to Canada means i am totally free and i want to play with your baby
    2012-05-04 10:03 PM
  11. nicoand's Avatar

    can some one tell were to get the layer from this to this please looked in the theme cant find it thanks

    2012-05-04 10:11 PM
  12. larke's Avatar
    I'm really hoping it wasn't me on dropbox. I left the window open, but never touched anything in there! At least that I know of, I kept getting messages of someone deleting stuff so ended up turning that off. I am a total noob with dropbox but totally didn't touch anything, so if it was me its dropbox being stupid problem and not me!

    HotPink | iApplesauce | Hypnotiq | iAppleWood | boss mods
    2012-05-04 10:19 PM
  13. WaGGuM's Avatar
    i'm pretty sure we all don't have modify access right?
    2012-05-04 10:23 PM
  14. Dirtstep's Avatar
    Just donated, Confirmation number: 7AJ21831MH6085415.

    I now Patiently await the email invite:-)
    2012-05-04 10:45 PM
  15. saurik's Avatar
    You are right regarding the fact that 70% is better than nothing. But I dunno, the system works because everyone is saying this to themselves.
    So you understand: you get 70%, the EU government gets 7.5%, PayPal/Amazon gets 7.5%, and the remaining 15% (which for some products is even less) is mostly used to run the infrastructure required to support the tens of millions of users we have. No one pays me to work on Substrate, nor to build the SHSH mechanism, nor to run the SHSH servers (which has a ludicrously high cost). To look at themes in specific, almost no one helps with WinterBoard development (nor do theme artists care enough to even give me bug reports regarding it), and yet without it the themes that people build couldn't even be applied. What little of the money we have left at the end of the day goes to paying the couple people we have help with development and community management; when we have money left over from /that/ it is used to subsidize bandwidth for things like TinyUmbrella (and more recently, you will notice that MacCiti no longer has ads: that's us, too).

    App stores are simply not a juicy profit model: they aren't for Apple (who makes money on the hardware; the App Store is a fraction of a percent if you do the simple math or check their quarterly reports), and they certainly aren't for Google (who actually loses money on the Android Market from all reports I've seen). You can certainly run a small "in the black" business if you are able to /only/ deal with profitable customers, but if you are adding an app store on to an existing ecosystem (such as the large majority of people who jailbreak and use Cydia for free, or the large number of people who only ever buy a couple apps in Apple's Store) you are only doing it to help improve the quality and scope of that external ecosystem: in this case, it is an open platform... I do this because I think the cause is important.

    And Cydia right now is a monopoly.. sure there is theme it.. but if Cydia was really open, theme it would be a repo in Cydia, and not what it is currently. This was made in order to limit theme it market share.
    Not only is ThemeIt distributed via Cydia as a repository (which anyone can do: anyone can make a repository, just like anyone can make a website), but they directly turned down, multiple times--even with mediators (a few people from the theme community that have occasionally tried to defend ThemeIt's position, stepped up to help, and then walked away when they realized it was futile)--working with Cydia as a default repository (which would allow them to distribute themes with their own custom styles and generally improve the UI experience for everyone; I'd imagine they would become a very popular repository): they are only interested in replacing Cydia entirely and seem to have a specific bent against me. Honestly, this is the kind of anti-cooperative attitude that should not be encouraged.

    Regardless, as you said in an earlier post: ThemeIt is the same model, as that's the only model that allows such a thing to work at all. ThemeIt operates at a much smaller scale, and has a different sales tax structure in France, so they have even had to go above the 30% at times; but even at that level they are going to just barely able to run a business like that. What we provide is a trusted platform (one where users know isn't just going to eat their money) that can scale to the number of people making purchases (even through spikes) and that can handle the kind of core security issues endemic to such a system (protecting user account information, guaranteeing that three years later we still have your purchases on file, and having a secure and legal distribution environment).

    So why should I support a system that is flawed, and that is so slowly developping. I mean.. why aren't there top 25-50 of each categories, like appstore, and top free, top paid, etc... the cydia store hasn't been update in years.. When I joined the iPhone scene, 80% of the apps that are present today were there... 2 years ago. Most don't even work no more on iOS4, let alone 5.
    There have actually been numerous updates over the last few years. One (of variuos) examples is the Theme Center, which even managed to bypass some of the repository-required advertisements by adding the automatic theme preview interstitials (improving the quality of the experience for many users; we'd prefer if theme artists spent more time on their depictions so their actual packages looked better, but they refuse to). As for things like "top 25-50", one of the key problems there is repositories are "their own little worlds" and I have very little introspection into that for the purposes of Cydia. That said, we continue to make progress, both technologically and politically, on having at least the default repositories able to be setup in a way where we can get the information we need to continue to improve the experience.

    So with knowing that, and knowing that nothing is made to improve our relations with Cydia, how the submissions are made and processed, the store have seen very few improvements over the time I've knew it... so I guess it's more by principle, than anything.
    The Cydia Store mechanism has had numerous improvements over the years. Many of these improvements don't cause visible changes: you will, for example, notice that the payment infrastructure manages to handle the load of massive traffic spikes (such as due to jailbreaking) without even a hiccup now. Some of them have affected the user experience, such as making the payment processing itself happen faster.

    Others have been improvements to the licensing model, from new APIs that developers can use while integrating their products, to new features on the backend portal (from automated tax information collection to the new user demographics feature that was just released a few days ago). The mechanisms by which pricing can happen have gotten much more complex over the years as well: there have been developers doing temporary free promotions, discounts based on other purchases (sometimes of competing products), or upgrades that are priced differently depending on when the original purchase was made.

    As for "nothing is made to improve our relations with Cydia", almost no one reaches out to me, so I'm not certain what that point being made is: there are two major theme developers who talk to me about anything other than throwing fits on forums, and is currently only one (smaller) theme artist that takes part in the discussions on IRC about WinterBoard (and thereby has actually been hired by me on a few occasions to improve various icons). No: I do not spend time sitting around on whatever forum you are using (I only saw this thread because one of the community managers poked me about it), and trying to talk to me on Twitter is non-sensical, but I am incredibly available despite the position that I'm in and the number of people who wish they could have personal conversations with me.

    And if everyone would stick together, and pressure cydia by boycotting it.. you can be sure that: either an alternative would come on top, or cydia would improve big time, and rethink it's weak system.
    If many people agreed with you (and apparently they don't), then I'd just leave. I've actually been forced to do some consulting work (very part time, as I refuse to let it hurt Cydia) on the side in order to make enough money to keep Cydia alive right now (as without active jailbreaks for modern firmwares, we are seriously light on actual paying customers); if the Cydia Store cannot make enough money to run the larger Cydia ecosystem, and people aren't even rooting for me, I am certainly not going to be sitting around killing myself to keep it afloat: I'll just step aside and let someone else take over all of these headaches. Luckily, this attitude is still currently in the vast minority (and certainly that is the case among the repositories and core developers; even the largest theme artists). You can be pretty certain that I'm not going to sell out: I don't want a job at a large company (despite offers, including from Apple), and I don't want to have a lot of money for myself... I want to be able to continue to improve this ecosystem.

    So, really... Cydia is out of the question for me right now. I'd rather get less than support a system I don't like. I support it enough with the many purchases I have made, just because there are no alternatives that is.
    I thank you for the sentiment, but seriously, unless you have purchased nearly everything in the store, you have only provided enough support to hire someone at minimum wage to respond to this forum post. To make this clear: let's say you spent $100. At /best/ (and there are many reasons why this might not be the case depending on what you bought), Cydia received $15; that's about two hours of time at minimum wage, and even at that rate, and with no other costs, it took me an hour to respond to this post... I hate to have to point out money here, but as that's what you're doing with this entire concept: that money comes from something else. "Luckily", my time is worth much less than minimum wage, so I get to be the person who responds to this comment. ;P

    So dropbox for donators might be the best for me then... over time, more people will likely want to donate to get the new stuff every now and then... so we'll see.
    (You do realize that this is technically tax fraud, right? In addition to claiming you are accepting donations for an actual payment consideration, something that is only sometimes possible even by real non-profit companies, you always have to pay sales tax... all purchases--and these are purchases, even if you /were/ a registered non-profit--made from the EU have to have their VAT paid, whether you are located in the EU or not; there are also many states in the US where you would have sales tax to be had on these digital goods. It is handling these kinds of legal issues, or the kind of technical and security issues that are simply not solved from giving people shared access to a dropbox account--something I see you may already be keenly aware--where I have to burn a large amount of my time.)
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    2012-05-04 11:01 PM
  16. Zooropalg's Avatar
    @everyone around : do not hesitate to donate for such an amazing theme !!!!

    Thanks to Myicommunity, Mone, larke, Schnedi, Me
    2012-05-04 11:03 PM
  17. myiCommunity's Avatar
    I'm really hoping it wasn't me on dropbox. I left the window open, but never touched anything in there! At least that I know of, I kept getting messages of someone deleting stuff so ended up turning that off. I am a total noob with dropbox but totally didn't touch anything, so if it was me its dropbox being stupid problem and not me!
    If you happened to move files from dropbox, and not copy them, this might have happened! No biggies, seems it stopped now. Was going crazy with popup messages earlier popping every mins or so..

    can some one tell were to get the layer from this to this please looked in the theme cant find it thanks

    This is the minimal FSSlideshow or minimal static wall... but just looking, and seems it has been deleted... use the deb and install all minimal package, you will get it... or use dropbox on the web, and restore the deleted folder...
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    2012-05-04 11:12 PM
  18. yusuf530i's Avatar
    I'm in. Just sent a donation to your PayPal 2 minutes ago.

    Do I know need to install Dropbox on my phone?
    2012-05-04 11:37 PM
  19. Slim709's Avatar
    Thanks for making an excellent theme. I rarely post, but this theme is one of the best. I just donated to your theme using the donate link in Cydia. I tried from the link in the first post but I couldn't get it to work.
    2012-05-04 11:39 PM
  20. bpfredri's Avatar
    There was error in the font names, corrected and thnx for the reply.

    My last setup...
    where can i get that clock/weather wigdet?
    2012-05-04 11:49 PM
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