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  1. froggy1's Avatar
    great Theme...cocco...
    2012-04-18 08:48 PM
  2. cocco26's Avatar
    thanks bro to steep by
    2012-04-18 08:51 PM
  3. cocco26's Avatar
    The Legendary HD is live on ithemesky to
    2012-04-19 02:28 AM
  4. Barry1's Avatar
    Any CK coming and it would be super cool with a window in the center for slideshow or wallpaper the color and layout is dope
    2012-04-19 03:22 PM
  5. cocco26's Avatar
    well this theme have an CK download the Legendary HD add on and there u have the CK and i will see of that widget how to do with
    2012-04-19 04:09 PM
  6. bcscustom's Avatar
    Thanks for a great theme Looks great on my iPod
    2012-04-19 04:09 PM
  7. cocco26's Avatar
    thanks bro
    2012-04-19 04:12 PM
  8. Barry1's Avatar
    Found the key board Ty looks great
    2012-04-19 04:32 PM
  9. ptimars's Avatar
    thanks cocco
    2012-04-19 07:51 PM
  10. cocco26's Avatar
    no problem bro today i have a very bad day i see that the admins from other repos don't know what means copyright
    2012-04-19 08:04 PM
  11. ayushbhargava2008's Avatar
    hey man, the theme is really awesome..but how do I change the place of my weather....I am from New Delhi,India
    2012-04-19 09:58 PM
  12. cocco26's Avatar
    on what widget ON the lockscreen or on the springboard or in both
    2012-04-19 10:02 PM
  13. ayushbhargava2008's Avatar
    2012-04-19 10:07 PM
  14. mrtrung9x's Avatar
    Can i have link download SBsetting theme? I tried to download on cydia but error http/1.1 403 forbidden
    2012-04-19 10:22 PM
  15. cocco26's Avatar
    use ifile .open ifile go to var-library-theme and there u have the folder Legendary LS big clock widget enter there and u have the lockbackground.html open it and search the var locale were u have this code SPXX0059 U press the edit button and delete that cod and replace with your cod do this and tell me if you manage with it
    2012-04-19 10:23 PM
  16. ayushbhargava2008's Avatar
    yepp it worked..i have changed the weather location for springboard also..thanx a lot..
    2012-04-19 10:43 PM
  17. mrtrung9x's Avatar
    Why cant i install sbsetting theme by cydia. It just display error http/1.1 403 forbidden
    2012-04-19 10:44 PM
  18. Barry1's Avatar
    Cocco so can a wallpaper window be added to the center of your weather widget and then 8 icons would surround it with weather on top of home screen and can a live clock be added I would gladly donate money for your time
    2012-04-19 11:50 PM
  19. cocco26's Avatar
    well after i finish the mods i will make one but please remember me next week because much ppl ask me for other stuff and i have my have full for now but is not impossible to it but right now i want to finish the mods and i hope next week to submit them on cydia after that i have time to make your request.
    2012-04-20 02:12 PM
  20. kfluehr's Avatar
    Really looking forward to a blue mod!! This has been my toto theme since I got it. Really well done.
    2012-04-21 07:29 PM
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