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    looks real good. but if your on an ip5, Jimmy has started a thread over there. would be nice to see your awesome screens there as well my friend. I am digging the AC shots. really nice, see you are running one of D1LL's lock screens….jammign work . no doubt
    2013-03-17 04:41 PM
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    Oh i didnt see one on the top of the ip5 forum. From now on will post there
    2013-03-17 05:47 PM
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    looks real good. but if your on an ip5, Jimmy has started a thread over there. would be nice to see your awesome screens there as well my friend. I am digging the AC shots. really nice, see you are running one of D1LL's lock screens….jammign work . no doubt
    If u want the ac walls i can give u both formatted for lockscreen or original ones.
    2013-03-17 06:15 PM
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    could i get a couple of inferno zeppelin logos saying Trung Sad - T and S in blue thanks in advence
    2013-03-19 02:51 PM
  5. CosmeKid's Avatar
    How do I change the fallback default
    2013-03-19 05:08 PM
  6. bAdkid's Avatar
    If you mean the loading screen you go to se7en theme and go to fallback and change the image while naming it the same
    2013-03-19 06:21 PM
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    Nobody fixed this or know of the fix ? Love Se7en as my theme, have done since purchasing it, just hate the fact that when on cydia ui it reverts to default, can't believe i cant find the website i used before on 5.1.1. to fix that and my Se7ven theme would stay everywhere on it afterwards.

    On cydia - icons stock

    SE7EN Hd/Sd-2013-03-13-20.53.24.png

    Locked - all ok

    SE7EN Hd/Sd-2013-03-22-21.24.44.png

    Unlocked - all ok

    SE7EN Hd/Sd-2013-03-22-21.25.02.png
    2013-03-24 10:57 AM
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    Off topic: Sorry guys just wanted to let everybody in know just in case any of you have the same problem I had last night. I install a tweak last night and got my phone on safe mode, delete the tweak and nothing, install crashReporter and it says the problem could be two other tweaks delete both and still nothing. Delete everything one by one and still on safe mode. So I decided to delete (Substratre Sabe Mode) which delete everything from cydia after that reboot my phone and my phone was like new. Install all my stuff again and good to go. I hope this help in case somebody have the same problem and don't want to restore and loose they jailbreak. Again sorry I'm of topic but I hope this help just in case.
    Instagram: zplit
    Twitter: zplit
    2013-03-24 07:10 PM
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    Is there an iNav update for iPhone 5?
    Nuclear is nice!
    2013-03-25 08:23 PM
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    LockScreen and SB combo
    ***Updated*** with clean code
    ~~~added dock and status bar weather~~~



    Download link at bottom of post


    1)GPS -credits Crazyviek
    2)Animated with new animated weather by Subywrex and Durben
    3)timed backgrounds (will change images depending on what time of day it is) credits Durben and Waverley
    4) Wordy weather - credits Schnedi
    5) credits to Dacal for the code
    6) overlays - credit ChevyMuscleCar
    7) mirror dock- credit to Pinoy
    8) Status Bar And dock weather-Bogmay
    9) a BIG thanks to BombMom for cleaning the code and for building options in.
    10) thanks to iOSAlliance for all the help as well.
    And credit to everyone else here for making me learn how to mod stuff.

    All options can be set in Setup/config.js

    You can easily turn off animations there.

    The zip file contains a springboard and Lockscreen as well as the 3x3. More layouts bottom of post.

    Change the pink txt to any other color in CSS/Main/Lock.css
    Find color ff33cc and change to any hex color you'd like

    Download link:

    5X2 iconoclasm layout
    Jaay (2x5).zip

    4X2 Iconoclasm layout-credit to ag92

    can you PLEASE tell me how you got the weather forecast right above your dock on your springboard and lock screen!
    Thanks so much!
    2013-03-30 08:30 PM
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    Couple questions.

    I set up the MP LowSB yesterday and it worked like a champ. This morning when I woke up and took it off the charger, I noticed it was stuck on last night, so I resprung thinking it was a flook and now it is just a black screen. I uninstalled and reinstalled to no avail. I also tried one of the other weather SB's se7en themes and it did the same thing. No idea whats going on, any help?

    So, after those stopped working for me I decided I'd give the iNAV theme a try, liked the idea. Everything worked out except that for some reason I cannot get rid of the undocked icon labels which is unacceptably unclean looking.

    Any help with those two things would be HUGELY appreciated. Thanks a lot.
    2013-04-03 01:29 AM
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    Looks like yahoo changed something and now the free service is a paid service correct me if I'm wrong, dunno what that means for all the Se7en weather add on's. I just read through UniAW6 thread, if thats the case i just need to know what files to edit and where and i'll post them no worries as a i love the Se7en theme and all the weather LS/SB additions, im a coder so no fear at all editing anything as long as i know what beforehand.

    Edit UniAw 6 works so i figure these Se7en files can be edited also ??
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    2013-04-03 06:40 PM
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    First, thank you for the amazing theme. It looks incredible, there are very few things i purchase these days because i am rarely impressed, and i purchased everything i could find to make this theme work after recently updating to the iphone 4s.

    I am however having some problems with the final touches, and could use some help with the following:
    Model: Iphone 4s
    iOS: 6.1.1

    1) Edit: Fixed
    2) I noticed when you click the mute on the side of the phone, the icon looks like what i would expect the camera icon to be. is there a way to change this back to default?
    3) I can not get the both keyboards to have the letters line up with the buttons. I do use both spanish and english keyboards but it is weird.
    The English keyboard both verticle and horizontal have the 2nd and 3rd rows aligned wrong.
    The Spanish keyboard only has the 3rd row aligned wrong.

    Any help with these issues would be greatly appreciated. I did purchase these, not pirate them...
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    2013-04-09 02:23 AM
  14. radiationburn's Avatar
    Did the Home icon in this style ever get posted? If so could someone point me to the page please. Have been looking for hours to no avail. If it hasn't been posted could JimmyL please post the PSD filed and I can make it for myself. Thanks

    Alt Silver Springjumps/Folders Icons
    Nuclear is nice!
    2013-04-11 06:35 AM
  15. FrankVinh1102's Avatar
    For me

    iPhone 5

    It's very nice.
    Please can you share.
    Thank you very much!
    2013-04-11 03:25 PM
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    made a simple modd with animated weather....

    Animated weather have to be enabled in Config.js


    i need this Weather Theme and the PSD but the Link is down. Can anyone share it, please?
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    2013-04-22 10:36 AM
  17. KaiTa's Avatar
    Inferno Preferences Settings

    Can you share it, please? Thank you.
    2013-04-23 02:16 PM
  18. ariel_matrix's Avatar
    I have iphone 4s with io6.1.2 jb
    and instaled SE7EN HD SB TimedWalls Widget by Schnedi, but i have problem.
    Widget with weather don't work me ...
    i set the location by gps, and by yahoo id, but anyway does not work?
    how can I fix this?
    2013-05-14 10:45 AM
  19. #m37h{'s Avatar
    Here you go yall for non inav users anim SB...........credit to the same peeps as in the inav version everything is almost the same just tweaked slightly hope you guys likeyand Ill spare yall any long explanations dl below......

    SE7EN MP SB gps Anim.zip

    to bad this widget aint working on 6.1.2 if only somebody would have time to update it
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    2013-07-23 04:57 PM
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    I know it's been a while since somebody was here but...I always liked this theme and am trying to port the icons to iOS7..

    This is what I got so far...some AppStore apps as well...but nothing major...I'm basically just porting what came with the theme, not creating new stuff...

    I'll try and continue doing this but don't expect much or for it to be ready tomorrow (maybe a week or so)..

    Anyway, here's a screeny...

    SE7EN iOS7.jpg

    Still working...trying the Inferno icons...

    SE7EN Inferno iOS7.jpg
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    2014-04-12 10:26 PM