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    Hi there, I've been trying to put together my own theme out of bits and pieces of other themes and I've nearly got it working, There's just one problem, as I'll explain.
    My base is the HTC animated lockwidget and I moved this down slightly so I had room for the 'Day of the Week' widget (from the Omnimo 8 Portrait theme) above the HTC clock (I tried uploading a picture of this working but it wouldn't upload for some reason)

    Basically, my problem is this: Only one of the two widgets will work at a time - the clock is always there and working but the animated weather aspect will only appear if the 'day of the week' widget isn't there, and when the DOTW widget is there, I don't get any animated weather. Also, the two interchange randomly throughout the day, and I have no idea what causes them to swap!

    What I want to do is to have the animated weather overlap the day of the week, does anyone know to do this how?

    Help with widget?-img_1216.png
    Thanks for any help
    2012-05-01 06:14 PM