1. jdmz's Avatar
    I just locked myself out of the iphone. I have no verizon sim. Is there a way to bypass activation? The emergency numbers dont dial..

    Before, all I had to do was take the sim out and itll get past it...
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    2012-05-06 01:04 AM
  2. Simon's Avatar
    iPhone 4 or 4S? What firmware are you on?
    2012-05-06 01:05 AM
  3. jdmz's Avatar
    4s, I am on 5.0.1
    2012-05-06 01:10 AM
  4. Simon's Avatar
    I am not too familiar with the activation process of CDMA iPhones sorry. And I believe you have to be activated to jailbreak it (although you can try if you want with Absinthe or redsnow).
    2012-05-06 01:13 AM
  5. jdmz's Avatar
    I "resetted all settings" and now it wont let me in anymore
    2012-05-06 01:14 AM
  6. Bo Troxell's Avatar
    If you used the "reset all settings", you may have to restore now.
    2012-05-06 01:24 AM
  7. jdmz's Avatar
    I got it bypassed.. using 112 method. For some reason it didnt owrk before..
    I have used "reset all settings" numerous times without having to restore.
    2012-05-06 01:42 AM
  8. cper's Avatar
    If you're still on iOS 5.0.1 I believe you can use Redsnow to activate the phone. Or buy a Gevey SIM to completely unlock it.
    2012-05-07 04:01 AM
  9. jdmz's Avatar
    I had the gevey sim.... and it does not bypass the activation. The only way to bypass it is to do the 112 trick, then use gevey.. Once gevey is in, the activation never shows up again.
    2012-05-07 09:55 PM