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  1. kai312's Avatar
    nope,summerboard is off, that's how the wallpaper is,don't know if I did it correctly but I named it [email protected] and placed it in the theme folder.
    2012-06-15 05:51 PM
  2. mmaboi21's Avatar
    Cyan color mod just went live in cydia.
    2012-06-16 12:35 AM
  3. high dB's Avatar
    4 iPhones only I need to redo them 4 iPad
    2012-06-16 01:31 AM
  4. mmaboi21's Avatar
    Sorry, should have clarified.

    4 iPhones only I need to redo them 4 iPad
    Lol back to work for you brother
    2012-06-16 01:49 AM
  5. matt_bison's Avatar
    Nice theme! Using white ipad version on 5.1.1.. a couple of suggestions:

    Can you make folders for

    Health and Fitness

    also, this is not important but these popular cydia icons arent skinned (i know, lots of extra work no big deal)

    i dont care about custom icons, but is there a way to change them to the same "format" as the other icons? (smaller with the shadow) cause they look out of place...

    And final feedback, I feel the loading screen icon is a little too thin.. could you somehow expand it so it doesnt look like an ipod mini in the middle of the loading screen?

    Good skin though.. A good purchase.
    2012-06-16 08:10 PM
  6. high dB's Avatar
    Ye can make the folder icons 4 u. Wot iPad r u on btw as some of them apps should of already been themed
    2012-06-16 08:17 PM
  7. matt_bison's Avatar
    im on ipad 2 5.1.1
    2012-06-16 08:44 PM
  8. high dB's Avatar
    Thanks ye I'll sort them all out on next update in couple day make sure to have the iPad 1,2 icon fix turned on n above main theme
    2012-06-16 09:35 PM
  9. high dB's Avatar
    I'll be sending the updates n new icon packs out tonite or tomoz morning as I have sold my iPad now n have to post it tomoz then hopefully should be buying a iPad 3 in the week
    2012-06-17 11:39 PM
  10. high dB's Avatar
    Hopefully paypal don't take ages 2 transfer my money from selling my iPad cos now I don't have no iPad till then
    2012-06-18 07:41 PM
  11. cukhiem's Avatar
    iPad cyan icons color mod is lived on cydia
    2012-06-20 03:02 AM
  12. HTMH's Avatar

    nice themes, which you made ​​there,

    can you make icons for the following programs cydia?

    AptBackup, AppBackup, iSHSHit, and Firewall iP.

    and icons for appstore apps

    meineStadt, Mical, iOutBank and AppTicker

    lg HTMH

    PS: rename icon to Icon in Game
    Last edited by HTMH; 2012-06-20 at 09:33 PM.
    2012-06-20 07:30 PM
  13. high dB's Avatar
    Ok gona be a big update in next few days lots more icons including requested 1s and now I have a iPad 3 ive found any bugs and fixing them all

    Theres a few springboard widgets out on cydia now also more coming soon also the new red mod

    lets c how much modmyi resize this screen shot lol

    2012-06-21 01:50 PM
  14. mmaboi21's Avatar
    That looks awesome will
    2012-06-22 04:54 AM
  15. K-RaVe's Avatar
    Any news? Anything going on? Theme is awesome!
    2012-07-27 11:05 PM
  16. mmaboi21's Avatar
    I believe everything is up on cydia
    2012-07-28 06:18 PM
  17. GUNNY29's Avatar
    Still the best ipad3 theme IMO
    Click My Sig For my auros Mods
    2012-10-03 03:52 PM
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