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    If this is the wrong forum, please forgive the post, but I'm searching for a way to lock down our iPads for workstation use.

    We'd like to be able to enhance the iphone configuration/ios configurator tool so that additional apps are "hidden" like newsstand, and the photos and mail applications. the workstations are simply workstations for users to review their work instructions and maybe process some information, nothing more, so distractions like gamecenter, maps, reminders etc, etc are bad for productivity.

    Now I know that I can simply buy a kiosk enclosure product that will allow me to hide the home and sleep buttons so users can't move away from our app. And that quite possibly may be the best approach for our team here. but I was hoping to be able to introduce multiple apps to a workstation where maybe the normal users used one app, and a supervisor could log on using their credentials and view a different app.
    2012-05-24 04:17 PM
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    Well you can use SBSettings to hide apps. Other things you can do are put restrictions on in settings. You can lock down apps using tweaks such as lockdown pro, loctopus, etc.

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    2012-05-25 01:14 AM