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    Is there a step by step posted somewhere on how to apply themes? I just jailbroke my iPhone4S and 3rd gen iPad yesterday for the first time.......and every time I download a theme and apply it in winterboard, only 1 or 2 icons change (Cydia, winterboard) but none of the stock apple icons. Do you have to change the directories or something? I thought it was just click and apply :-/
    2012-05-30 01:34 PM
  2. celeron's Avatar
    It depends on the theme. Some skin all the icons, some don't.

    You could try switching Summerbiard Mode on and off, and see if that changes anything.

    There are not much iPad themes AFAIK. There are a lot of good themes for the 4S like Jaku, Neurotech, elite pro, etc
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    2012-05-30 01:37 PM
  3. nnfdcane's Avatar
    That's normal for new iPad because their aren't any winter board themes compatible with it yet. As for the iPhone 4s idk, I have a 4 but I would assume its the same as the 4 when it comes to all the themes.
    How are you downloading them? on your phone?
    2012-05-30 06:20 PM
  4. Michellesellers81's Avatar
    OOOOOH gotcha I'm following now.......not all themes work on different devices and some require more effort to apply? Is there a way to sort them out in Cydia? Or a way to tell when you look at the package information what iOS it's compatible with and what steps you have to take to apply all the icons they show in the screenshots? Or is it just kind of hit or miss....
    2012-05-30 07:43 PM
  5. nnfdcane's Avatar
    Like I said, nothing will work with the new iPad yet. For your iPhone, it should be compatible with most every theme out there. In cydia you can read the description and it should tell you what it's compatible with.
    I would recommend you search "the new zui" theme here on modmyi. It's a free complete bad$$$ theme. FIRST download iFile from cydia, you need it if you are going to start putting themes on your phone. Then on your phone search for the zui theme and DL the theme from the first post. When it's done DL it will ask if you want to open in iFile, just click on iFile. From there unarchive is going to pop up, click on it. When it's done loading click on the little square box on the very bottom right of your screen. Extract file will appear and click on it.
    When that's all done hit done on the top right. Next, you will see the zui theme folder. Open that up and it should have a winter board folder. Open that folder and copy and paste it in your themes folder in iFile. That is located in var/stash/themes.
    Back out and activate in winter board. May sound complicating but it's really easy. Let me know if you run into any problems. Good luck
    2012-05-30 08:10 PM
  6. Michellesellers81's Avatar
    Thanks nnfdcane! Very detailed! I appreciate that a lot......I did all of that though and STILL not seeing the stock apple icons change :-/

    I've refreshed springboard and rebooted.....did I miss something?
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    2012-05-30 10:03 PM
  7. high dB's Avatar
    lol ye u have download a tweetbot mod by detox which is a app mod for the twitter app called tweetbot

    Try getting a nice complete theme like Faith and start having fun

    BTW how come u posted it in the iPad section if ur on iPhone lol
    2012-05-30 11:01 PM
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    thread moved.
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    2012-05-30 11:34 PM
  9. Michellesellers81's Avatar
    I was asking the question originally about either one. I jailbroke both on the same day and was having trouble with both. Then someone said there's hardly any out yet for the new iPad.

    I feel really dumb right now, because I have searched the MMi site with no luck whatsoever finding "the new zui"......that's why I downloaded the tweetbot one.

    Thanks, I will try faith
    2012-05-30 11:52 PM
  10. Bo Troxell's Avatar
    2012-05-31 12:15 AM
  11. dathomp00's Avatar
    If you go to YouTube there are many helpful videos to help you out. Just look up the theme you want help with. As already stated I can not find any themes for the ipad3 yet.
    2012-05-31 05:46 AM