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    why is it that different themes label the files of the images totally different names, and place the images in totally different folders, but somehow they all still work? im trying to get a grasp on how this whole theming stuff works, but there doesnt seem to be a standard for writing them..

    im somewhat familiar with website coding html and php n stuff like that, so as far as all these different names and locations and it still works, i would assume there is some sort of an 'index' file, that tells the iphone where to pull the images from and where to place them, right?

    basically my different themes are for the same ios 5, but they have different names for tons of png files, and they are placed in different locations in each theme. how can this be right, but they still work? what is telling the iphone to locate the images and names of the images in those locations specific to the theme?

    sorry i tried to explain this as easily as i could.. I did search a lot online, I guess I just dont know what to type in to search for.

    and if they are different from theme to theme, is there a link that basically lays out where to put all the images each section of the iphone and what to name them for the newest iphone update??
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    You might have to search or google WinterBoard and see exactly if it is possible to understand how Saurik designed it. There's a few ways to theme here is a couple below.

    And the last is to not use either but to replace the original pngs in the original apps. Very intense but then you have no lag as you do with WB.

    Winterboard backs on to the Springboard and from what I understand it directs the iPhone when it's calling on images to our theme directories.

    Winterboard also operates the themes as a hierarchy type system. I think it looks for the image required to show in all the themes but only uses the theme selected and displays the highest theme selected. No selection then it's not themed.

    Winterboard doesn't update file names what so ever. It purely is a tweak to allow our themes to be utilized.

    iFile and OpenSSH are required to mod/correct the file names for when apple updates their iOS. Otherwise our images won't show.

    Hope that helps??
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