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    [LINK]: http://modmyi.com/forums/general-ipa...oken-ipad.html

    Hey peeps,

    Because I think I posted my first thread in the wrong section, I'm just posting the link to my thread here, where you are able to find the screenshots of my springboard.
    I don't like all those weird themes for iPad, that just crash the overall beauty of the OS, and I think they are all pretty useless, even if they look "cool". I think we can compare those themes here like bad car pimping.

    It's perhaps my point of view, and that's why I modified myself my iPad to make it cool and more intuitive at the same time.

    All the screenshots are here, and just ask if you need any thing, like the name of a tweak, or an icon I created etc.

    Oh, and tell me what you think !

    Have a nice day


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    2012-06-02 08:25 PM
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    And I advise everyone to follow my friend @Jato_BZ who is on work for a new great HUD theme
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    it all a matter of opinion like I dont look of ur iPad really lol just looks like a boring stock device with a few widgets
    2012-06-03 02:11 PM
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    The ifaith guy I guess. Boring ? Random widgets ? Try again. If I accord that the clock widget is kinda useless the music widget, ncCenter widget, rssfeedwdiget, and omnistat, radio widgets, are far from being useless.

    I really like the icons you created, but seriiously, the lockscreen is really not... Cool or anything. The sliver everywhere is burning my eyes. But like you said it's just a matter of opinion when we speak about appearance. But saying my iPad has a boring ui with stupid widgets, is just being mad. You haven't tried it. My iPad interface is changed, I added tons of useful bezel gestures etc. You just can't see it on the pics.

    Whatever, don't worry, I just don't like those themes in general. I mean come on, look at your music app, you ruined it lol
    2012-06-03 02:56 PM
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    I dont want to try it cos I dont need any of them silly widgets. n what u mean the screen shot of the default lockscreen with no widgets turned on ye its bit boring just like the apple default 1 I remade it to look alot nicer

    There r a few different widgets 4 the Faith iPad theme

    Ruined music app how lmao its a nice clean theme for the music app which is also nice and easy to ready all the text
    2012-06-03 03:07 PM
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    I totally agree with the troll up there. Sorry bro, but your theme is ruining iOS, and you really should rethink the lock screen, and the weird green color you added.

    Peace guys
    2012-06-03 03:08 PM
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    Don't be mad DB... Your lockscreen is horrible, and your Music app too. In what is a music widget app on the homescreen silly ? In what is a rssfeed silly ? A processes manager ? A web radio widget ?

    You seems like a kid saying "nah no need to try it I know my toy's better".

    Your theme, or all the themes like yours, can be compared to ugly pimped cars.

    But what ever, good work on the icons, the only good thing in the theme.

    Take care, and yes, let's peace.

    And no one needs Widgets on a lockscreen..
    Attached Thumbnails My Awesome Self-Themed iPad (Link and Pics)-imageuploadedbymodmyi1338729924.551387.jpg  
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  8. high dB's Avatar
    If u dont like theme then y r u on here u muppet n ye so wot if u talk in slang just cos im on mmi dont mean am some lil nerd

    and no i dont need or want music widget or rss or web etc or care

    Like i said lock screen is the default 1 there r other widgets

    Music app is a nice clean theme

    Dont like themes so much? make a better 1 ur self no use other ppls things either to make ur own actually make ur own
    2012-06-03 03:31 PM
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    Lol he was just showing off his iPad, you camee here and said he had a boring iPad with silly widgets.

    And I have this music widget too, and it's so useful, no need to go to music app all the time or to slide the screen up, go to left bla bla bla
    2012-06-03 03:34 PM
  10. high dB's Avatar
    Cos he said that the theme I work on is boring yet he has a pretty much stock device
    2012-06-03 03:38 PM
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    Lol, sorry if I did hurt your feelings bro (umadbro?). You commented here, I never asked you to defend yourself, cuz that's just my point of view, so if you really like your theme, that's great, cuz I really love mine.

    What ever keep up, the good work on your icons

    Oh and I never said your theme was boring, I said it was so ugly and that it as running iOS. Yw.
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    Hey fellas I've got an issue with some modified icons, could you check this thread and try to help me ? Thanks forward

    2012-06-06 01:22 PM
  13. GUNNY29's Avatar
    @highdb he is just talking crap because he is talking to himself in his thread and your not lol

    If your going to show of your theme there is no need to be dissing others in the process it's cool to say you don't like what's out there but that's not what you did.

    and the guy who called you a troll needs to check MMI out a little more before he comes to that conclusion.
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    2012-06-07 11:52 AM
  14. iAdamir's Avatar
    I assume it, I don't like faith or other themes like that, but like I said that just my opinion. And perhaps the guy was right. A troll is for the masses, someone who argue someone else for fun, creating made reaction. I think high Db is mad now, and I'm sorry for him. So much.
    2012-06-07 12:50 PM
  15. GUNNY29's Avatar
    HighDB is not mad trust me. All I'm saying is just because know one replied to your original post you felt the need to name themes.

    It's cool to have your own opinion it's not cool to be bashing because your not getting any attention.

    Also check what troll means. HighDB is one of the most helpful people in the MMI theming scene. If you don't like full themes that's obviously fine each to their own.
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    2012-06-07 12:58 PM
  16. high dB's Avatar
    2012-06-07 01:41 PM
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    The idea is good, but in my opinion, the frameworks are low quality, and it all seems cheep. But I'm sure you can improve that

    Remove the Oldam meteo thing. Not everyone has their iPad all the time connected, and the Font is weird. But i like the idea of the two pics. I guess People can change them. Is it a picture viewer ? Or you just add a pic through ifile ?

    Oh and I love your 3d clock
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    2012-06-07 04:14 PM
  18. high dB's Avatar
    I don't care about a single word u say have we not already worked this out lol
    U make something better show me.

    The Oldham part is the weather info u change that to where ever u live
    2012-06-07 04:20 PM
  19. iAdamir's Avatar
    Lol what ever, if you don't care, why did you posted this screenshot ?
    Like I said, I like the idea. Nevermind.

    Something better ?
    My Awesome Self-Themed iPad (Link and Pics)-img_1371.png
    2012-06-07 04:28 PM
  20. high dB's Avatar
    Which u didn't make
    2012-06-07 04:33 PM
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