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    My theme, which I previously showed off in this post, is nearing completion. I have two more images to map, and I need beta testers to work out the bugs. One of the perks of being one of my beta testers-you get free copies of my stuff. Here's some more about the theme:

    *Allows theming of app icons on demand(dynamically)
    *Allows theming of loading screens on demand(dynamically)
    *Comes with MobileSubstrate tweak and PreferenceLoader cell
    *Fully themes SpringBoard.
    *Fully themes Safari and Mail
    *Custom navbars and alert views.
    *Option for more adding in separate themes
    *Fully supports HD and SD devices, iPad support coming soon.
    If anybody would like to beta test and thus get a free copy when it hits the Cydia Store, you can post a comment, send me a message, or email me to sign up.

    If anybody is on 5.0.1 still, I especially need your help.

    Be looking for my theme soon!

    2012-06-03 03:58 AM