1. smarti3's Avatar
    Hi could someone please help me with my LS and status bar on my 3GS ?

    First off I'm trying to change my status bar icons to be all purple. I've downloaded some themes and renamed the @2x files to ~iphone but still no luck. Any idea why ?

    Also, is it possible to edit the colour of standard iphone icons by SSH ?

    Secondly, this is my Lockscreen: LS - Imgur

    Does anyone know how I can move the bar up so it sits on the line ?

    2012-06-03 01:35 PM
  2. Insergence's Avatar
    im having that problem too. sorta. but how did you get the slider bar purple. for my theme i am trying to have it like the music player bar, so when you slide it back and forth a line of a different color follows it. do you know how to do that? and how do you change the slider bar color also?
    2012-06-09 07:21 PM