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    Accent is LIVE in Cydia!!!

    UI Previews:


    SpringBoard Widgets

    Color Mods

    Cydia Packages:
    - Accent - Main theme including SC4 theme
    - Accent Blue - Blue color mod
    - Accent Green - Green color mod
    - Accent Pink - Pink color mod
    - Accent Purple - Purple color mod
    - Accent Red - Red color mod
    - Accent White - White color mod
    - ^ All of the above but with 'CK' added - ColorKeyboard themes
    - ^ All of the above, but with 'Pro Loaders' added - Custom loading screens
    - Accent LS Word Clock - LockScreen with time written in words and weather, package contains a LS for all colors
    - Accent SB Weather - SpringBoard Weather + clock widget
    - Accent SBSettings - SBSettings theme, package contains an SBSettings theme for all colors
    - Accent SummerBoard Icons - App Store icon pack for icons that go out of the canvas, SummerBoard needs to be turned on in Winterboard
    - Accent UserPic LS - LockScreen where you can set your own user wallpaper, 'Wallpaper jpegifier' from Cydia needed
    - Accent LS Clock + UserPic - LockScreen with a Clock and Weather Widget, to use your own wallpaper you need 'Wallpaper jpegifier' from Cydia
    - Accent Wallpapers - Wallpaper pack, wallpapers can be found in the Settings app
    - Accent Zeppelin - Zeppelin carrier logos, package contains a carrier logo for every color

    Loading Screen PSD:

    Icon PSD:

    Color Hue Values:
    Blue: +178
    Purple: -131
    Red: -40
    Green: +67
    Pink: -84
    White: Adjustments > Black & White > Maximum White

    Need any other PSDs for mods? Just aks me ;-)

    App Store Icons:

    1. download the icons
    2. create a folder with in the Accent Icons.theme folder
    3. name the Folder "Icons"
    4. Transfer icons to the new folder
    5. go to winterboard, turn summerboard mode on and respring.

    Icons in this folder are on Cydia too, and will be updated regularly. The package is called Accent SummerBoard Icons.


    Video Reviews:
    Attached Thumbnails [PREVIEW] Accent by Maarten16 and Subywrex-previewsmall.png  
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    2012-06-03 07:50 PM
  2. teresaync's Avatar
    Very nice. Can't wait for the rest
    2012-06-03 07:53 PM
  3. cukhiem's Avatar
    Wow wow wow.
    2012-06-03 07:55 PM
  4. Yugo's Avatar
    2012-06-03 07:56 PM
  5. P0R7ER's Avatar
    2 great themers working together.. Keeping an eye on this

    Thanks to the Generous people on these threads. if it wasn't for you, then my iPhone would be naked
    2012-06-03 08:00 PM
  6. Shad0wM0nk3y's Avatar
    Just when I thought I finally had a theme I liked...can't wait to see this one!
    2012-06-03 08:03 PM
  7. Dark_Ninja's Avatar
    Yep looks dope
    2012-06-03 08:05 PM
  8. iRMQ8i's Avatar
    Liked absolution too!
    2012-06-03 08:12 PM
  9. KnightWing's Avatar
    Follow me on twitter @The_KnightWing
    2012-06-03 08:17 PM
  10. Just Dummy's Avatar
    Looking good.
    2012-06-03 08:24 PM
  11. MamaJaay's Avatar
    Icons are SICK! Nicest icons I've seen in a LONG *** time.

    And I know Suby will make sure us ladies get a color mod.
    2012-06-03 08:29 PM
  12. Bobvk114's Avatar
    def my next theme!!! cant wait!
    2012-06-03 08:37 PM
  13. subywrex's Avatar
    Thanks everyone!! I want to give a shout to knit for first inspiring me to do custom icons!! You all saw that inspiration build into 2uinique.

    With Accent my main role is doing the icons (I'll also be doing UI here and there but Most of the UI is all Maarten).

    My main inspiration for these icons came from fif7y new theme Boss.ios. When I saw how he made elements of the icons go outside the main icon shape I was amazed!!!

    I must say I've really pushed my skills to the next level creating every element in each icon by hand. Never though drawing a pencil and magnifying glass would be do hard to do lol.

    Stay tuned everyone when the theme gets closer we'll post more shots of the rest of the theme
    2012-06-03 08:43 PM
  14. DefJammable's Avatar
    Holy s***! Lovin the preview

    What font is that by the way?
    2012-06-03 10:01 PM
  15. Maarten16's Avatar
    I Heard something about color mods?

    Holy s***! Lovin the preview

    What font is that by the way?
    The font is called 'Airstream'.
    If you'd like, follow me on Twitter: @16Maarten
    Master Theme Creator
    2012-06-03 10:19 PM
  16. Just Dummy's Avatar
    I think the yellow/gold looks the nicest. Bw isn't bad either.
    2012-06-03 10:32 PM
  17. metaserph's Avatar
    Excellent work both Maarten and Suby, great to see you both back on the saddle bros. Kudos!
    "You can only attain Peace through spreading Love to create Unity and earn the Respect of others" - Complex Simplicity
    2012-06-03 10:50 PM
  18. Hammer007's Avatar
    Nice, VERY NICE. Just when you think it does not get any better. Out comes another theme that just rocks.
    The theme creators here are just the cream of creams.
    2012-06-03 10:52 PM
  19. ReBourne's Avatar
    love the icons
    2012-06-03 11:41 PM
  20. flybritn's Avatar
    2 great theme creators at it making this masterpiece! this looks REALLY nice
    2012-06-03 11:53 PM
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