1. The real KrsChris's Avatar
    Here, after 6 months working on this... It's finally coming tangible.

    Theme features:

    Complete UI
    2 Widgets
    ColorKeyboard themes
    SBS theme
    Zeppelin Carrier logo
    and, well more.. lol

    Update scheduled next Monday!

    PSD icon and wallpaper mask

    Original LS PSD

    Thanks to @DacalMe @Slate004 @Zooropalg @digidude @macciti
    Attached Thumbnails kruz HD-img_0250.png  
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    2012-06-06 12:30 AM
  2. BOGMAT's Avatar
    Nice one
    im loving the status ui images on this nice and coloerful
    2012-06-06 12:48 AM
  3. RippedThemer's Avatar
    and I love the icons haha nice work man. Always a fan of your work. Sorry to hear about your phone though. Anything ever get resolved?
    2012-06-06 12:52 AM
  4. Dacal's Avatar
    Oh my god, he did it again ! I love the status bar !

    My themes : Jade HD, Silex HD, BaSalt HD,ToPaz
    All are on Cydia and/or Theme It.
    2012-06-06 12:54 AM
  5. iskariotA's Avatar
    As usual awesome work

    2012-06-06 01:18 AM
  6. ZFrost's Avatar
    I like the top widget design. very nice.
    2012-06-06 01:18 AM
  7. jjk454ss's Avatar
    Looking good, I like the widget and the icons.
    2012-06-06 01:21 AM
  8. metaserph's Avatar
    Very nice work!
    "You can only attain Peace through spreading Love to create Unity and earn the Respect of others" - Complex Simplicity
    2012-06-06 01:39 AM
  9. TurboE19's Avatar
    always been a fan of your work Chris ... this is looking to be quick nice ... keep up the great work ...

    on a side note ... have you given any thoughts for releasing this one, or any of your other works for the iPad?
    2012-06-06 01:42 AM
  10. Just Dummy's Avatar
    I've finally retired Revi and just in time. Looks Great.....
    2012-06-06 01:47 AM
  11. DefJammable's Avatar
    2-3 days? Hell yeah man. Definitely getting this
    2012-06-06 02:16 AM
  12. dapes's Avatar
    loving this theme
    2012-06-06 03:37 AM
  13. rion_j's Avatar
    cant wait, the legend is back!
    2012-06-06 04:58 AM
  14. lewistanjx's Avatar
    I am so going to get this theme
    2012-06-06 06:30 AM
  15. ellersbee's Avatar
    Alright bud it's time. Let's get this going. I'm in!
    2012-06-06 04:45 PM
  16. Dacal's Avatar
    @ll : i tested the theme and as always a sooooooooo clean look ! A pure Chris's theme ! U know my taste, i love when things are well done !

    My themes : Jade HD, Silex HD, BaSalt HD,ToPaz
    All are on Cydia and/or Theme It.
    2012-06-07 12:20 AM
  17. Shad0wM0nk3y's Avatar
    I like the placement of the weather widget.
    2012-06-07 01:02 AM
  18. Bobvk114's Avatar
    Another great theme I will def have to try out!! ... A lot of nice themes are coming out this month !
    2012-06-08 03:54 AM
  19. mmaboi21's Avatar
    Gahhhh man I've been waiting for you to release another theme!! Looks great bro, still rocking revi-dx!
    2012-06-08 04:00 AM
  20. MamaJaay's Avatar
    Looks colorful. Chicks will like this one
    2012-06-08 04:45 AM
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