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    Version 1.2 avaiable at Cydia, ThemeIt and iThemeSky



    Real handmade icons, no copy-and-paste jobs:

    4 background styles included:

    The Dock, by default used for Safari and a optional back button (springjumps) and a siri-Button but many more glyphs included

    A static and fully animated set-up free weather widget:

    Various setup-free rss readers with pictures

    New incredible 3D-pocket-icons including a icon-mask for all your icons

    Many more Pages with matching folder icons and more optional dock icons

    Slideshows for Homescreen and Lockscreen :

    Animated Flipclocks, white and black:

    Free official add-ons:
    All add-ons are avaiable at Cydia and ThemeIt, just search for "NoteBook" at Cydia to find them. Also avaiable at bottom of this post (see EXTRAS/All official theme mods)

    8 free Twitter Widgets (avaiable here and at Cydia and ThemeIt)

    Small Facebook Widgets (avaiable at Cydia and ThemeIt)

    Needed: iPhone 4, 4s or iPod touch with Retina Display and iOS 5.0 to 5.1.1

    Gridlock (to freely place your icons)
    Iconoclasm (for the new left aligned 3x3 icon layout)
    PerPageHTML+ (for the different Notebook pages and widgets)

    Springjumps (OPTIONAL, only needed for the "Back" button)
    FolderIcons (OPTIONAL, but recommended)
    WeatherIcon (needed for the weather widgets)
    Zeppelin (OPTIONAL, just needed for the carrier logo)
    SBSettings (OPTIONAL)
    LockInfo (OPTIONAL)

    1. Install the needed apps like written
    2. Start the springjumps app and enable only springjumps 0. Tap on the springjumps0 text and name it "back", "home", "today" or anything else.
    NOTE: DON`T enable the page title function of the springjumps app
    3. Place only the safari and the springjumps0 icon (= back-button) at the dock
    4. Start PerPageHTML+, press "select page", choose "Page 1".
    Now press "add Widget" and add "NB page TODAY" plus the widgets "NB Widget Clock-Date", "NB Widget RSS reader" and either "NB widget Weather static " or "animated" to your home-page/first page.
    For the following pages do the same, choose e. g. "Page 2" and add "NB page FAVORITES". You can also add the widgets to all other pages if you want. You decide about number and order of all pages and use of the widgets.
    Note: At PerPageHTML+ my Widgets start with "NB Widget...." and the notebook backgrounds with "NB page..."
    5. Start Iconoclasm, enable Iconoclasm and then choose my new layout "NoteBook"
    6. Create a matching folder with some apps for each of your pages.
    7. Start the app Foldericons, enable Foldericons, set it up like shown at the 3 attached screenshots and choose one folder icon for each page. E.g: for the homescreen create a folder called "social" or anything else and select my social icon for it.
    8. Enable this theme (plus one of the color mods if wanted) at WinterBoard. Donīt forget to ENABLE the "SummerBoard mode" too !!!

    Optional also enable the new SBSettings theme, Lockinfo theme, Zeppelin logo and SnowCover4 theme at the appropriate apps/settings.

    Color Keyboard::
    The popups for the keyboard are part of the UIImages-folder of this theme and installed, no need to choose it seperatly at CK.

    Enable the theme "NoteBook" and the Portrait and Landscape backgrounds of NoteBook (->"Customize Backgrounds") for both "iPhone-Standard" and "iPhone-Alert" at ColorKeyboard.
    Tip: Install the freeware "ShowCase" from Cydia to have upper- and lowercase letters

    FAQ and HELP:

    * What Font are you using ?
    All Widgets and photoshopped text uses the font "Bauhaus" (build in at the widgets). Youīll find it at /var/mobile/Library/PerPageHTML/NB Widget Clock-Date/fonts/.... and can copy and install it to your PC/Mac. In addition you can choose the appropriate free font "Baumans" at BytaFont for your device.

    * What about this RSS-Widget ?
    There are some tested english and one german rss widget build in (displaying pictures too) to choose from perpageHTML+. You can also change them to any other feed in any language.
    Note: Many other rss feeds donīt include pictures, but work also perfect (like ESPN, CNN). Some that do include pictures deliver pictures in strange sizes so it may look misaligned. Simple test it with your favorite rss feed.
    The path for changing the rss feed is: var/mobile/Library/PerPageHTML/NB Widget RSS...../Config.js
    NOTE: A newsfeed can have different sizes and certainly if a feed is too large it will and be must cut off to not overlap other parts of your homescreen.

    * Can is set the Flipclocks to 24hours clocks ?
    Sorry, unfortunatly not, 12hours only

    * How can i change the slideshow pictures ?
    For the Lockscreen theme theyīre stored under: /var/Library/Themes/NoteBook LockscreenSlidesShow.theme/Private/Photos/
    For the PerpageHTML+ homescreen widget theīre stored under: /var/mobile/Library/PerPageHTML/NB Widget SlideShow/Private/Photos/
    1. Because of oviously reasons the Homescreen pictures are landscape and the Lockscreen pictures are portrait. So for your own pictures make sure they have similar aspect ratio to not be deformed, size doesnīt matter, the widgets shrinks it right.
    2. Name your pictures from 1.png up to 10.png and simply replace the included pictures with it. Even if your pictures are .jpg-files rename them to .png files (!) They will work.
    3. This widgets display 10 pictures randomly and with a fading effect.

    * How must i setup the Facebook widget to work ?
    Instructions are stored inside the widget folder: var/mobile/Library/PerPageHTML/NB Widget Facebook/Instructions.txt

    * What about the Weather widgets ?
    1. This are restyled versions of Native Weather Widget:
    2. To work at all you MUST have installed and enabled Weather Icon from Cydia (free). Start Settings/Weather Icon and make sure itīs enabled and under "Weather settings" the Refresh time is set to 15 minutes, NOT to a "manually" (refresh).
    Weather icon displays your current conditions on the icon of Apples Weather app (or optional other apps) and this Widgets read out and display this conditions.
    3. Therefore this weather widgets are setup free and display the weather from your first location at Apples weather app or GPS based if you enable "local weather" at your iOS weather app
    4. You can set the update interval at Settings/Weather icon. You can set the update interval of the Widgets at /var/mobile/Library/PerPageHTML/NB Widget WeatherStatic(or animated)/Setup/Config.js.
    5. The Weather can be placed on any page. One version is static and one is fully animated.
    6. The conditions are in english but you can set it to other languages (German, French, Italian and Spanish) here: var/mobile/Library/PerPageHTML/NB Widget WeatherAnimated(or Static)/Setup/Config.js
    7. Make sure you do any changes also for the weather on the Lockscreen (if you use it).

    * What about the Clock and Date ?
    Works out of the box for US users but can be set to a 24hours clock, with or without am/pm and the date supports six languages (English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Dutch)
    The path for changing the clock and date is var/mobile/Library/PerPageHTML/NB Widget Clock-Date/Widgets/Configs/Digital Clock-Config.js

    * How can i change the lockscreen widgets ?
    Clock: /Library/Themes/Notebook Lockscreen(RSS).theme/Widgets/Configs/Digital-Clock-Config.js
    RSS-feed: /Library/Themes/Notebook Lockscreen(RSS).theme/config.js
    Weather (language, update interval): /Library/Themes/Notebook Lockscreen(RSS).theme/Setup/Config.js

    * Why does PerPageHTML+ not work on my device ?
    There is a badly cracked version from a Cydia hacking source avaiable that is known to not work at all. Purchase and install the legal version only, i guarantee that it works !
    The free PerPageHTML (without the plus) doesn't work on iOS5 and can't display multiple widgets at a page.

    * What is SnowCover4 ?
    Itīs a free themeable Lockscreen Musicplayer with gesture controls. NoteBook themes it for you.
    NOTE: There are 2 bugs on SnowCover4:
    a) If youīve enabled gesture controls and have no cover for your album it crashes, so best is to disable gesture controls.
    b) SC4 isnīt shown if you have no cover for a album.

    *Where can i find all the other white dock icons, Mods, PSDs and other tweaks ?
    On your device: Library/Themes/NoteBook.theme/SETUP, HELP and PSDs

    * What about the layout and modding ?
    You have totaly freedom of using pages and widgets.
    The layout is limited to 9 apps or folders (left aligned, NoteBook uses itīs own Iconoclasm layout) plus one matching folder (icon) for each page.
    The dock is by default used and thought for Safari and a (springjumps) back button but you can add more glyph icons if you want (included)
    The text on the pages is english only. If you want it in any other language you can simply rewrite it with my included PSD. You can also create own pages with my PSDs very easily. Just change a color and rewrite the text.

    * What can i post/release here ?
    Everything: Icons, pages, mods, as long as you donīt post main parts of this theme.

    * Why are the build-in color mods not working ?
    Place them above the main theme at the WinterBoard theme list.

    * Why are some of the springboard graphics (folder backgrounds, player buttons, newstand icon and so on) not working or changing ?
    A cache problem of Winterboard with any theme. Please manually delete this cached graphics, ending with "..switcherLinen.0-3 and "...CenterLinen" at var/mobile/Library/Caches/ and delete all cached graphics here: var/mobile/Library/Caches/

    * Why does myWeather widget not work ?
    Install and enable the free tweak "WeatherIcon" from Cydia. Start Settings/Weather Icon and make sure itīs enabled and under "Weather settings" the Refresh time is set to 15 minutes, NOT to "Manually" (refresh).

    * Why are some of my icons unthemed or cut ?
    1. For completely unthemed Cydia icons install ThemeIconMaker (TIM) from Cydia (free), it will theme ALL icons with the NoteBook mask within some seconds (TIM adds new bundle folders for each Cydia app to the NoteBook theme with the new icons).
    2. Winterboard has a problem with some apps and cuts this icons to the mask, so the overlapping graphics of my selfmade icons are cut/invisible. For this reason you can enable the "Summerboard mode" at the WinterBoard app as i also put some of this problematic icons into the Icons-folder of NoteBook to work right.

    * How can i avoid lag or reduce RAM usage ?
    Certainly every tweak or widget needs RAM and CPU power for any theme. Especially the fully animated weather needs some power and RAM. So donīt use too many widgets and choose the not animated weather to avoid any lag.

    * Why do the pressed icons donīt look so perfect ?
    iOS uses only the icon mask from the pocket icons for "pressed" icons. So it may look a little bit inappropriate on the folder icons and white glyphs but this canīt made be better if you want two different icon styles on one theme.

    * I have the stock wallpaper when making phonecall/open a folder ?
    A general problem on iOS. Fix: Open the NoteBook.theme folder or one of the modding folders and save either [email protected], [email protected] or [email protected] directly with iFile to your camera roll, or on Mac/PC sync it with iTunes to your iPhone camera roll. Now start the iOS Photos app and set it as your new wallpaper.

    *Why do I see no lockscreen Battery ?
    Like for any other theme you see it only of you haven't enabled any Lockscreen theme at Winterboard.

    *Why does your battery have a themed and not a black background ?
    Install the free tweak "ChargingBackground" from Cydia.

    * Why does the iOS clock bar on Lockscreen hides the theme clock ?
    Install the freeware "LockScreen Clock hide" from Cydia or use the same function from "LockInfo"

    * Why do you use PerPageHTML+ instead of the Winterboard per-pages ?
    The PerPage function of WinterBoard is
    a) Buggy and misaligns Wallpapers whenever you move a icon so you must always respring !
    b) Can't display a slideable wall (here: the notebooks) over a static background it would move both !
    c) WinterBoard can't display multiple and/or selectable and slideable widgets on different pages at all. You would have only one (or a all-in-one widget) on all of your pages !
    With one word: the PerPage function of WinterBoard is buggy, useless and it isn't possible to make NoteBook a WinterBoard only theme without loosing the complete look, function and all widgets.

    *How can i add own icons to this theme ?
    I only put my own icons to the theme (except "Tweetbot"). Icons made by users must be added by yourself, you can choose between this two methods:
    1. Icons folder: Make TWO copies of the icon you want to use (a Winterboard bug, it doesnīt display icons from the Icons folder if there isnīt a appropriate icon without the "@2x" in it), name one e.g. "Facebook.png" and the other "[email protected]" and copy both to the "Icons" folder of this theme
    2. Bundle or app folder: Add the approriate bundle or app folder for this app to the theme and copy the icon in. Mostly (but not ever !) itīs called "[email protected]" or "[email protected]"
    To find out bundle folders is time intensive but the best method. Because i noticed another issue of Winterboard: When you open the taskswitcherbar the icons at the dock, themed with the Icons-folder are displayed again in their original look. On the other side some icons from bundle folders are cut to the mask, so the overlapping 3D effects/graphics are missing. For this problematic icons the Icon folder is the better choice. Sorry, but Winterboard is still not perfect

    The best method to add a new icon to any theme is the bundle folder method.
    1. First we need to find the App on your device:
    For Apples stock apps open /Applications/...
    for Other AppStore apps open : /var/mobile/Applications/....
    for Cydia Apps open: var/stash/Applications/....
    2. Now open the app folder of this app and search there for a text file called info.plist
    Example: For the Nike app on your device. Open /Applications/
    3. Open this info.plist - textfile with any text editor or with iFile and look for the
    CFBundleIdentifier, this will be the bundle folder name and usually starts with a "com...":


    4. Search/check the appropriate icon in this folder. Itīs a HD icon (so it has a @2x in itīs
    name) and is mostly called "[email protected]".
    -> Now we have everything we need. Make a new folder, call it "" and copy your own new icon in, your icon must be called for Nike "[email protected]". Now copy this folder to the NoteBook theme at /var/Library/Themes/NoteBook.theme/Bundles/
    NOTE: Write everything case-sensitive like you found it at the info.plist file, if you call the nike icon "[email protected]" it wonīt work !


    * All official THEME MODS: NoteBook All official
    * All official TWITTER add-ons: NoteBook TWITTER
    * All PSDs for Facebook pages: Facebook
    * German per pages (default look): German PerPages
    * French per pages (Rockr Mod):
    * Optional Weather icons for the weather widgets: NB Optional weather

    * LiveClock tweaks (the right version is build-in, the optional white version on the left can be found inside the folder SETUP, HELP and PSDs inside the NoteBook.theme folder on your device)

    Animated Lockscreen Weather:
    AniWeather White :
    AniWeather Black :
    StaticWeather :

    GPS Animated WeatherSB (for Springboard)
    Download at post 1771:

    * Gucci Mods:
    LINK: (by FiVe5tArPlAy3r)
    LINK: NB Gucci (by cl1ck4207 )


    * The makers of the app [email protected] who gave me the idea for this theme
    * Subywrex, Dacalme, Durben, Ian Nichol, and David Ashman for creating or working on the NativeWeather widget
    * Holdemdogg for making the flipclocks
    * Penetration for coding the original Facebook Widget
    * Mokkabaer for his great Lockscreen mods
    * All the many unamed users for ideas, icons and mods
    Attached Thumbnails NoteBook-logo300px.png   NoteBook-homescreen.png   NoteBook-foldericons-setup3.png   NoteBook-foldericons-setup2.png   NoteBook-foldericons-setup-1.png   NoteBook-all-following-pages.png  
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    Looks good I'll keep an eye on this thread.
    2012-06-10 02:30 PM
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    Blue how do you do it?! Another unique and creative theme! Looks very good!
    2012-06-10 02:44 PM
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    Two words: cannot wait.
    Blue's themes are amazing I own most of them. By looking at the pictures I can tell this one will be something yet again amazing.
    2012-06-10 03:12 PM
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    Interesting concept.
    2012-06-10 03:15 PM
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    Intresting. Cant wait to try this one
    Keep up blue
    2012-06-10 03:40 PM
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    I'm sure it'll be amazing, as always.
    Can't wait to try this on my phone...
    2012-06-10 04:30 PM
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    Looks good I'll keep an eye on this thread.
    2012-06-10 04:38 PM
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    I literally made a note to do a theme inspired by a leather moleskin notebook a month ago. Looks like I'll have to scrap that idea before I even start it haha.

    But this looks really good as always Blue!
    2012-06-11 03:14 AM
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    Blue never stop amazing us with new and awesome theme concept
    2012-06-11 04:02 AM
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    Awesome Blue, love european industrial design bro.
    "You can only attain Peace through spreading Love to create Unity and earn the Respect of others" - Complex Simplicity
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    Wow, I've never used one of your the looks of this, I've been missing out.
    2012-06-11 08:33 AM
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    Looks fresh and clean, great work! Ill be watching for more news on this!
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    Damn, looks good. Like always!

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    Working on the icon set. here is a more detailled screenshot to understand the idea behind, the bottom part is transparent, just shadows and a small lightning, so they work on any background and theme:

    Attached Thumbnails NoteBook-icon-2x.png  
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    Very creative Blue. How do you think of this?!
    2012-06-11 08:53 PM
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    My jaw is literally unwilling to get off the floor
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    You are unbelievable Blue. I'm still trying to wrap my head around Pages and Analog.
    2012-06-12 04:40 AM
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    Oh wow, nice. Can't wait for the release.
    2012-06-12 06:12 AM
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    This looks amazing! Really, really nice work. This is what themers should be doing. Pushing the bounderies and doing something different. Will be keeping my eye on this one.
    2012-06-12 09:35 AM
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