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    Available Now on Cydia!


    A complete Theme made for iPhone 4 / 4s / & Now iPhone 5 & iPod Touch 4 / 5. Supports Firmware ios 5.0 up through 6.1.2

    These Weather widgets uses the AnyWall feature. Get wallpaperJPEGifier from Cydia then simply set any wall and re spring.

    Download the IOS6 Photo Menu here

    Download Clockify theme add on here

    Color Mods

    Big Thanks to Nkapoor124 & Alliance

    bAnd1t Green has been submitted to Cydia
    Attached Thumbnails bAnd1t    bAdBG theme by flybritn-donate.png   bAnd1t    bAdBG theme by flybritn-logo-2.png  
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    2012-06-14 10:16 PM
  2. 2k1's Avatar
    Looks good will keep an eye on this.
    2012-06-14 10:17 PM
  3. Yugo's Avatar
    Looks very nice
    2012-06-14 10:17 PM
  4. iPod's Avatar

    secret moderator... Please hit that THANKS button over there if I helped you in any single way
    2012-06-14 10:20 PM
  5. Blue's Avatar
    Maiden is cool The theme is typical BadGB: highest quality, unfortunatly without any surprises...
    2012-06-14 10:30 PM
  6. flybritn's Avatar
    Thanks Guys iPod, the price will be 2.99 but will be doing a pre release on here for donation and I always let people donate whatever they are comfortable with

    Bluemetal, I love me some Maiden they know how to rock the house. yea, I tend keep things more simple & more plug N play
    2012-06-14 10:46 PM
  7. kick's Avatar
    looks sweet mate.
    2012-06-14 11:13 PM
  8. nkapoor124's Avatar
    Beautiful bro great Job
    2012-06-14 11:23 PM
  9. DefJammable's Avatar
    Definitely diggin' this one. Lovin' the blue
    2012-06-14 11:23 PM
  10. P0R7ER's Avatar
    And he's back with a bang.. Like the colour and the icons

    Thanks to the Generous people on these threads. if it wasn't for you, then my iPhone would be naked
    2012-06-14 11:29 PM
  11. Fattone66's Avatar
    Really think this is awesome so clean the icons look great typical Fly work perfect!
    2012-06-14 11:36 PM
  12. ryanstylee's Avatar
    typical and bAdGB dont even relate. laughable.
    2012-06-14 11:45 PM
  13. sephiroth726's Avatar
    looks all kinds of pretty bro!!!
    2012-06-14 11:50 PM
  14. Max_Pa1n's Avatar
    Love the colors youve chosen for this one!
    That blue looks brilliant.
    2012-06-14 11:56 PM
  15. primalscream.40's Avatar
    What's a typical bAdGB theme. None are remotely alike

    Anyway, love it FlybriTn I've enjoyed the beta keep up the awesome an hard dedication
    2012-06-15 12:28 AM
  16. ZFrost's Avatar
    Very nice and Very clean as always.
    2012-06-15 12:31 AM
  17. ziggy7's Avatar
    Congrats on a really outstanding theme, EPIC!!
    2012-06-15 12:44 AM
  18. blast123's Avatar
    this one looks super clean !!! cant wait to donate for it
    2012-06-15 01:05 AM
  19. Dark_Ninja's Avatar
    Wow man looks really dope.
    2012-06-15 02:47 AM
  20. bAdkid's Avatar
    Very nice
    2012-06-15 03:42 AM
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