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    2012-06-29 12:52 AM
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    I love that sb look with your icons rum. Very subtle and clean.
    Thanks bro....appreciate it....
    2012-06-29 12:52 AM
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    I'm really sorry everyone. I should've looked before I put it up for download. To anyone that downloaded the facebook mod, for some reason in the new app update they changed the [email protected] to [email protected] go into the mod and just change the file type to jpg. Once again really sorry. If y'all have any questions let me know.

    Here's the corrected FB Mod:
    Mine is working just fine without any adjustment. What does it cause a problem to?
    2012-06-29 12:53 AM
  4. Just Dummy's Avatar
    2012-06-29 12:54 AM
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    Anyone else have this with color keyboard, it's only the number key and only in search, works fine in notes, safari, landscape etc. TIA
    Attachment 595301
    Mine does that as well. I asked that as soon as I noticed a whole bunch of pages back. However, nobody answered me.
    2012-06-29 12:59 AM
  6. Hepkatl's Avatar
    Can anyone pm me the original boss status bar I deleted mine by mistake when I add the modded one.
    2012-06-29 01:04 AM
  7. Project5's Avatar
    2012-06-29 01:04 AM
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    Some great mods around

    Me tonight

    2012-06-29 01:05 AM
  9. Just Dummy's Avatar
    2012-06-29 01:11 AM
  10. Waverley73's Avatar
    can you shere your bite sms icon

    No worries bro:

    Twitter Link: @Waverley73........My Mods: -Click Here- ......
    2012-06-29 01:16 AM
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    how do i change the status bar? what should it be named?i have black_base and translucent. TIA
    2012-06-29 01:24 AM
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    Some great mods around

    Me tonight

    wow. can i have the wallpaper & action slider. and what weather is that? looks familiar... thanks
    2012-06-29 01:25 AM
  13. Just Dummy's Avatar
    2012-06-29 01:29 AM
  14. rumcajs's Avatar
    Awesome...saved for apple store app...
    2012-06-29 01:31 AM
  15. dathomp00's Avatar
    Love all the available icons!
    Attached Thumbnails boss.iOS now available on Theme it app-imageuploadedbymodmyi1340926493.555622.jpg  
    2012-06-29 01:35 AM
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    @Rum. Is there a save you can please make an alt. Ifile icon
    2012-06-29 01:36 AM
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    All credit to Waverley73 for original

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    2012-06-29 01:43 AM
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    Instagram Camera

    File Location: XXXX.theme -> Bundles -> com.burbn.instagram
    Any idea on wht do i name this for instagram?
    Instagram: zplit
    Twitter: zplit
    2012-06-29 01:53 AM
  19. MamaJaay's Avatar
    2012-06-29 01:54 AM
  20. Waverley73's Avatar

    All credit to Waverley73 for original

    Cool man. I may just use that one now. \m/
    Twitter Link: @Waverley73........My Mods: -Click Here- ......
    2012-06-29 02:00 AM