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    So I've had my iPhone jailbroken for the last year or so and just recently decided to attempt to make a theme. I've watched a few videos and read a couple articles on various sites (they were all kind of old) and I have a general idea of what to do. I was just wondering if anyone had any tips that they could share with me before I get started.
    2012-06-22 05:09 PM
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    Personally I just went head first into it. I wished I'd read about it a bit more. All I can say is iFile from Cydia is extremely useful for theming. Not sure if u are aware but all pngs have a basic encryption applied to them. You can download a few apps to get around this but I have found iFile to get around to be far superior at grabbing these images, saving it to your camera roll decrypted. Plus ifile lets u rename files within the iphone on the fly.Some of those other apps don't decrypt bigger BG images. I myself use OpenSSH to wirelessly push files to and from my iPhone via my Mac. It works for me but there are plenty of other options out there.

    Making a theme is a MASSIVE undertaking, I don't mean to put you off but it is a huge workload. A lot of Trial and error and well Apple doesn't make it easy either.

    For the UI images that is saved as an artwork file. WinterBoard can record these images if you have it enabled but if you want ALL of these images it's easier but harder to just copy your artwork file and extract the images via Python running out of Command line. There's about 1150 images in there. There is detailed Extractor tutorial on here for that as well.

    Just takes time ALOT of time I've realized.

    Good luck keep us posted
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    2012-06-24 12:57 PM