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    Hi I have a problem With rebooting my iPad 3.
    When I reboot my device it comes into a iPhone layout, meaning all the icons are shrunken, sometimes even the keycode pad to unlock has the boxes like on the iphone. Dock is gone and contains a app line normally belongs on the sprinboardpage. Spotlight has a little iphone keyboard.
    After I respring SpringBoard, the problem is resolved, until I reboot again.

    Does anyone know what causes this problem and how to resolve it once and for all?

    Deinstalling winterboard doesn't resolve this problem so it isn't winterboard thats causing this.

    New iPad iOs 5.1.1
    Jailbreak: Redsn0w_win_0.9.14b1

    I found a resolution. I've being switching to Mobilesubstrates and found Notify Pro to causing the problem. By deinstalling it, the problem is gone.
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    2012-06-24 03:12 PM
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    This happened to me awhile back. The reason this happens is bc you've installed a theme that was only meant for the iPhone ui. It took me several tries to fix it. I kept respringing and rebooting.....which worked the first time. But then it happened again and I had to restore. Good luck. Hope this helps.
    2012-06-26 09:15 AM