1. Naim Al Fanek's Avatar
    Hello everyone i have a iphone 4 CDMA 32 GB jailbroken device on verizon (running 5.1.1) and im trying to sync files from Bluetooth between my Iphone and a old samsung (unlocked) GSM phone I use overseas (there is no sim card in it but it still works) using Airblue tweak from Cydia (it lets u send files between Iphone and another bluetooth device, computer, etc However, whenever I try to send a file to my iphone ( a photo or small mp3) from another device it does not work... I get this message when I try to send a file FROM my iphone to my samsung. Does anyone know whats wrong? thanksProblem with Airblue tweak (Bluetooth)-problem-iphone.png
    2012-06-25 05:00 AM