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    I'm still using an iPhone 3GS and since the IOS 5.1 upgrade and jailbreak I'm still trying to clean up my lockscreen sliders and change to padlock icons and tap to unlock. I have the Lockscreen fixed by scaling a Tap to Unlock button down to the right size for the 3GS and renaming the background mask and clearing the text string. Now I'm trying to fix the SMSBB.Plugin strings and then move on to the Slide to Answer slider and strings. The problem I'm having with the SMS Bulletin Board notices is the background mask and text is still showing and I have to slide my Tap to Unlock button to the right to reply to a text. When I try to open the SMSBB strings file in any text editor in Linux I get an error and the file appears to be binary and have a lot of control characters. Wanted advice on what the best program to edit these with is?
    2012-07-06 12:27 AM