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    Hi everyone, just a few quick questions from someone who has only recently jailbroken her iPhone.

    I use Winterboard and I've downloaded a few themes off the Cydia repo that include "2000 icons (example)" and "automatic app icons." I was looking for some clarification on what these mean. Also, for these themes that include extra icons, where do I find them (I have iFile installed) and how do I use them?

    Thanks in advance.
    2012-07-06 01:51 AM
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    The number of icons, 2000 for example is how many apps they have icons for, although this can be described differently by whoever writes the description! E.g there could be icons for 2000 apps or there could be gomescreen and NC icons for 1000 apps, etc.

    Automatic app icons use pngs to create some kind of automatic overlay to all springboard icons that theme icons haven't automatically been created for (check out screenshots of boss.ios if I haven't explained that well enough)

    All icons will be somewhere in var/stash/themes/THEME normally either in a folder called extras or in Bundles/com.XXX.XXXX and usually will have ALT in the name. This is all dependant on how the theme creator decides to do it.
    A quick browse around var/stash/themes/THEME and you should find it.

    Hope that all helps!
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    2012-07-06 05:42 PM