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    ... a 50 MB-Collection of such for U to download.

    Hi there ya all!
    Since i am absolutly new here (my 1st Post) i first wanna say a friendly "Hi, i`m Cosmo!"
    Seems to be a real grrreat Community here....
    And: Sorry if i am in the wrong Section! I`ve read the Note about a Wallpaper-Gallery... but couldnt find it. =o(
    Well... i often see vWallpapers... which have a real cool Basic-Video. But then again... the Aspect-Ratio is bad, bad, bad.
    Or... you have those black Bars on the Top and Bottom.
    Since i use vWallpaper 2, i tried several ways of doing vWalls that:
    - are Resource saving (Battery!)
    - are not that fat in size
    - have correct Aspect Ratio
    - loop well

    Now... last days i did a Tutorial for a Friend in another Forum... and... he liked it, cause... he understood it!
    Or, lets say: It helped him!
    I am NOT the great Tutorial-Author... i just did lots of Screenshots of what i do... and type with care, so if ME would
    get that Tut... i would understand... (Sorry for my bad english, i am german)

    Long Speech, short sense:
    If anybody of you likes to get that 15 Page PDF (1.7 MB) alone... its HERE on MULTIUPLOAD:

    The PDF-Tutorial

    If you like to check out what i did in the Past... my little vWall-Collection is HERE on MULTIUPLOAD:

    The vWall-Collection + TUT

    This RAR-File (50 MB) contains the Tutorial also.
    Password is: cosmonomad

    May be some of you can use this or that!?
    For now i say "Bye, and see ya!"
    Greetz from Germany,
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    what's the RAR password...?
    2012-07-27 04:07 AM
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    2013-07-11 08:38 PM