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    1ntox VIP is appropriately named as such. With this theme you receive the added detail that defines you as a person of stature.

    Starting with a LS which is contrived of some great HTML coding. Make sure your LS dim is delayed to a recommended 60 seconds to fully enjoy this thing. A cascading forecast completes its greatness.

    Once unlocked you are greeted with a new look on icons that plays with 3d perspective wonderfully. A downward reveal brings the springjump icons to your dock. Beautiful UI and subtle hints of dimension await you.

    This rebuild on the instant hit 1ntox will bring your phone from stand in line around the corner to instant VIP status at club bAd......




    Using iFile (Free trial in cydia), Navigate to the root directory by pressing the top left arrow until you come
    to a screen where at the top on the black NavBar it has a /. Once there scroll down and go to var, then look
    for stash, once in stash you will see Themes, Click Themes. Inside the Themes folder you will see all your themes.
    Look for 1ntox VIP LS. Open that folder and you will see LockBackground.html. Click it and open text viewer. Once
    in text viewer you can click the search button on the left bottom (if you purchased ifile) If you have not purchased ifile
    scroll down about 1/4 of the way down until you see var locale = "38671" Click edit in the top left, and change the number
    in the " " to your zip code or weather code. Example my zip code is 38671, so I put 38671 in the " ".

    Note: If you do not have a zip code, go to enter your city and state, or your providence. Once your weather loads,
    At the end of the url it will have a weather code. Example of the website code (Southaven Weather Forecast and Conditions - The last bit of this is your weather code "USMS0365"

    Lockscreen Image
    Set in settings/wallpaper

    Springboard Image

    Ok guys, if you want to remove the SJ icons that are made into the wall just go to Library/Themes/1ntox VIP SB/bAdGB/Stylesheets/LockScreen.css

    In the css go to

    #sj {

    blah blah blah code code;

    All you have to do is enter a line in the code that will not display the spring jumps.

    The line is : display: none;

    You want to enter this after the blah blah code, but before the } so it will look like this

    #sj {

    blah blah blah code code;
    display: none;

    Thats it they will not show. Now the shine will still show. If you want to remove it go to #shine and do the same process.

    Attached Thumbnails 1ntox VIP JunesiPhone/bAdGB-promohome.png  
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    2012-07-12 02:18 AM
  2. sephiroth726's Avatar
    I love it June!
    2012-07-12 02:21 AM
  3. June'sIphone's Avatar
    Thanks bro
    2012-07-12 02:30 AM
  4. Bellcross's Avatar
    Great looking icons n widgets, June..

    Wish you would post the donation button here. But, i donated anyhow..
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    2012-07-12 03:03 AM
  5. TRUCKINLOW's Avatar
    Hey June looking good I like what you did with the icons!
    2012-07-12 03:15 AM
  6. 2k1's Avatar
    Looking good as always
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    2012-07-12 03:22 AM
  7. June'sIphone's Avatar
    Great looking icons n widgets, June..

    Wish you would post the donation button here. But, i donated anyhow..
    Glad you like it. Had to give bAdGB some love. Check it out

    Hey June looking good I like what you did with the icons!
    Thanks my friend, hard to come up with new ideas. This one I like

    Thank you
    2012-07-12 03:25 AM
  8. sigit's Avatar
    sick and unique like always june..
    2012-07-12 04:14 AM
  9. King_O_Hill's Avatar
    Very interesting and elegant looking!

    Check out WW3 for iOS 9/10 - Widget-Weather 3.0
    2012-07-12 07:56 AM
  10. primalscream.40's Avatar
    WOW bro love the icons it's Boss !!
    2012-07-12 12:00 PM
  11. June'sIphone's Avatar
    Thanks to everyone that donated. All emails have been sent out. If you have not gotten your copy please tell me.

    Also added direct donation link to the first post.
    2012-07-12 04:11 PM
  12. ziggy7's Avatar
    Probably the best set of icons ever made....
    2012-07-12 04:13 PM
  13. Simon76's Avatar
    Hi June if im a vip from badgb website do i have to donated again to get this,thanks
    2012-07-12 04:17 PM
  14. June'sIphone's Avatar
    No Simon if you go to the beta section (Only Viewable by VIP members) The link is posted
    2012-07-12 04:19 PM
  15. Simon76's Avatar
    thanks June.but the link is dead
    2012-07-12 04:21 PM
  16. June'sIphone's Avatar
    Try now Simon
    2012-07-12 04:23 PM
  17. Simon76's Avatar
    Try now Simon
    there is one folder its say private cant download that one,whats the different with the private folder and the vip2.0,thanks June
    2012-07-12 04:27 PM
  18. June'sIphone's Avatar
    The private folder is 1.0
    2012-07-12 04:33 PM
  19. June'sIphone's Avatar
    Gathering up PSD's now. Anyone's in particular you guys want?
    2012-07-12 05:40 PM
  20. DefJammable's Avatar
    June can I get a lockscreen wallpaper?
    2012-07-12 06:23 PM
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