1. ThexKezza's Avatar
    Would you download this theme I'm making?
    It's not on Cydia yet but it will be when its finished and if I finish it!
    My opinion is that it looks great but thats up to you to decide because I'm making this theme for you guys!
    (The community)

    Pictures are in the attachments area

    Currently edited areas:
    Media Player [50%]
    Lock Screen [75%]
    Home Screen [75%]
    Icons [80%] <-- of iPod icons

    Please comment down below I do need some opinions on this other than mine and my brothers


    Attached Thumbnails Would you download this theme [In Progress]-fjegr.png   Would you download this theme [In Progress]-0kzvh.png   Would you download this theme [In Progress]-hfhgp.png   Would you download this theme [In Progress]-nflgt.png  

    I paid for an iPod Touch, I'll do what ever the hell I want to do with it!

    Visit my YouTube:
    2012-07-12 11:53 AM
  2. noelbob's Avatar
    I do like the icons but with that wallpaper there is a little too much going on on the home screen with a tone down wallpaper it would look better. You have a great setup for auto theme icons that would also look good. I do like the buttons on the media player to if you bring it all together could turn out well but as it sits it doesn't feel right. Overall good idea. Try putting this up in the theme release section you will get more traffic and note wip in the title.
    2012-07-14 12:24 AM