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    hi.. i would just like to share the theme i managed to modify from Endroid.

    before anything else.. i would like to say thank you to the following:

    Wynd - for making the dreamboard and the endroid theme
    Jesse - for his phone.png...
    Jackie Tran - for the icons that he made way way back with his "black UPS darkness theme" (im still using his icons)

    -added buttons (Games, Cydia and tweaks, Entertainment) -uses slide effects
    -changed clock background
    -removed HTC widget
    -changed lockscreen (Tap to unlock)
    -changed Wallpapers (still on progress since im looking for cool dark wallpapers)
    -added "DreamBoard (loads dreamboard page)" to settings menu

    basically made the theme darker (for me at least.. lol)

    note: only tested this theme on iPhone 3GS running on iOS 5.0.1

    [PREVIEW] iMoD theme (Endroid Modified)-preview.png[PREVIEW] iMoD theme (Endroid Modified)-img_0841.png[PREVIEW] iMoD theme (Endroid Modified)-img_0832.png[PREVIEW] iMoD theme (Endroid Modified)-img_0833.png[PREVIEW] iMoD theme (Endroid Modified)-img_0839.png[PREVIEW] iMoD theme (Endroid Modified)-img_0840.png[PREVIEW] iMoD theme (Endroid Modified)-img_0834.png[PREVIEW] iMoD theme (Endroid Modified)-img_0835.png[PREVIEW] iMoD theme (Endroid Modified)-img_0836.png[PREVIEW] iMoD theme (Endroid Modified)-img_0837.png[PREVIEW] iMoD theme (Endroid Modified)-img_0838.png

    hope someone will like it..
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