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    Hey guys, my iPad 3 is jailbroken, and i have been using the BeeKeyboard Cydia tweak. Which BY THE WAY is AMAZING! I have deeply set it up to work for me, but the one predicament i face is that there is no way to assign a keyboard shortcut to initiate Voice Dictation. In BeeKeyboard you can also assign Activator actions when a combination of keys is pressed. For e.g holding Command + Alt/Option + A i have set to launch Safari, Command + Alt/Option + E for Evernote, and so on and so fourth. Does anyone know of an Activator command / gesture that enables Keyboard Voice Dictation? As if there is one i can install it and setup a shortcut to enable that specific Activator command to initiate Voice Dictation without having to manually show the virtual keyboard everytime and have to dictate with my voice (Which is VERY VERY frequently). I have seen quite a few Cydia tweaks like "SaraDictation" that once installed alongside the actual tweal an Activator command is also isntalled into Activator to enable that by assigning a gesture. Same goes for the Cydia "DragonDictation" tweak. Please any information is greatly/deeply appreciated.
    2012-07-19 05:07 AM