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    Not sure where to ask this but i'm sure theres some gurus on here that will know whats going on...

    When i fresh restore and re jailbreak Cydia runs fine, fast and responsive, but after a few days/weeks of installing and uninstalling tweaks i start to face some problems, i have restored and re jb'en quite a few times now and it's always the same story...

    After i install a tweak or an app or Anything really and Cydia finishes installing, at the point when it displays "Return to cydia" Or "Respring Device" it will hang for around 10 to sometimes 20 seconds in an inactive state before i can eventually hit said button to either return to cydia or respring!

    In this inactive time, sometimes i will see a spinning wheel in the status bar and sometimes not! It's winding me up to be honest, i have spent a Lot of money on Cydia and i expect more! I have restored so many times to achieve a quick cydia but it always returns to being unresponsive!

    iPad 3 5.1.1

    Any help would be great, thanks

    2012-07-19 05:54 PM
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    what repos are you installing the tweaks from, and remember forum rules

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    2012-07-20 01:08 AM
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    Well I havn't got any pirate repos if that's what you mean, I pay for Every tweak and app I download! I do have some beta repos installed though, for celeste and PwnTunes/PhotoAlbums+ etc

    Do certain repos cause problems then? The problem is after Cydia installs any files, what does it "load" after files are installed? Does it refresh repos, or clear a cache or something?

    Speaking of cashes, is there any that could cause this type of thing?

    101 questions lol, sorry :-p
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    2012-07-20 02:23 AM
  4. Bo Troxell's Avatar
    When you restore, are you using a back up or a fresh restore? Restoring from a backup will put everything back (even corrupted files).
    A fresh restore is always recommended.
    2012-07-20 03:00 AM
  5. mattoligy's Avatar
    I always fresh restore, Never from a backup!

    Just run a test and disabled All MobileSubstrate tweaks and Cydia seems fast and normal again! It's going to be hard to track down the culprit as I have so many ms tweaks but so far I have found that "IconSupport" makes cydias inactive time considerably longer, by around 40-50% So maybe it's more than one tweak causing it!

    Is this possible? If so what would cause a running tweak to delay Cydia? I have also noticed that if I invoke a respring outside of cydia using activator etc, just whenever, it takes around 5-10 seconds just for the respring procedure to begin, and the same with shutting down the device!

    One tweak or another, or a few, are causing sb to hang upon shutting down (Respringin)
    2012-07-20 04:11 AM