1. Aaron6's Avatar
    Hey everyone, I just recently jailbroke my iPhone 4s and I have been looking for Siri themes. I really would like to design my own, and use it on my phone. I was wondering if anyone here knew how I would go about designing a new mic icon for Siri and then putting it on my iPhone. Thanks in advance
    2012-07-30 02:12 AM
  2. Jato_BZ's Avatar
    There is a few different bits of "artwork" that make up the Siri Mic. One part of the images is located in the [email protected]k file and the other is located within the AssistantMic.artwork file. U need to extract the artwork file via David Pecks Python Script if u want to use ur own. Are u planning to run WinterBoard or not???
    If yes not a major, if no then u will need to repack the modded images (about a 100 to 120) per animation and put that back in your phone.
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    2012-07-30 08:39 AM