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    So i am lost here. I found a shelf style wallpaper i liked and loaded it onto my phone.

    For Icon control i have Iconoclasm from Cydia

    I am using the "Minimal SB 3x3 Dense" layout and its not lining up

    Tips please?

    Heres using the "Minimal SB 3x3 sparse", fits better but still way off.

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    2012-08-04 02:53 AM
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    I've had the same problem to. Sometimes you have to play around with the iconoclasm layouts to get it to fit. Sometimes 5x2 works, or you can turn off iconoclasm and download Gridlock to move the icons around. If you try different layouts, just move the icons accordingly to the shelf.
    2012-08-04 05:19 AM
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    Open iFile and browse to Library/Iconoclasm/Layouts and find the layout you're using, then copy and paste it (with a different name) and open the pasted version with the text viewer.
    The code it shows is pretty simple to understand and edit: the Key 'cols' is controlling the columns. each line with integer in is one column (5 integers will have 5 columns) the numbers inside the integers and reguarding placement. So, for example if a 3 x 3 layout has:

    <integer> 37 </integer>
    <integer> 100 </integer>
    <integer> 152 </integer>

    the first column will be 37 pixels from the left, the second would be 100 pixels from the left and the 3rd would be 152 px from the right.
    Hopefully you can see how you'd be able to edit the numbers to get it exactly how you want it?

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    2012-08-04 06:25 PM